Mighta Missed Monday – New York Party Edition

Pardon the image Dukies but it’s merely a visual metaphor for this post.

Download Ha Ha (Slow Down) – Fat Joe feat. Young Jeezy

Download Bring it back DJ – Maino

Download Beamer, Benz, or Bentley – Lloyd Banks feat. Juelz Santana

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Throwback Thursdays: “The Game”
Sonny Spoon Feat. Young Jeezy & Lil’ C

Not really a throwback my dudes but it took us back to an era when Jeezy’s music would not make Billboard top 10, 20, shit…1000. Here’s a track when he first made the transition to Young Jeezy. But the flow is more reminiscent of his original moniker, Lil’ J. After the jump there’s a link to Jeezy’s first album Lil’ J, Thuggin’ Under The Influence.

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Young Jeezy x CTE: The Biggest Movie Ever

If you still haven’t heard that Trappin’ Aint Dead, you’re slippin….

Turns out I wasn’t paying attention to the viral videos. Part 1 after the jump.

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Trappin’ Aint Dead Mixtape (No DJ) Young Jeezy


Here’s a no DJ version of Jeezy’s new mixtape Trappin’ Aint Dead my Dukes. Thug Motivation 103 coming sooner than you think. Also, look out for the video for “Trappin Aint Dead” which will be dropping later on today.

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Video: “Amazing” – Kanye West Feat. Young Jeezy

In Jeezy voice: “I Need A Vacation”

Directed by Hype Williams

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Maestro Knows *CurT@!n$* x Anthony Hamilton

On my late night journey on the World Wide Web I’ve found a new show I think you ought to get familiar with. Hailing from the West West is Levi Maestro on his new webisode show called none other than “Maestro Knows”. On this episode he rides round with Brooklynite *CurT@!n$* to talk Yeezy’s, Rap & nasty ass Hot Dogs (People still eat those?). Just in case you didn’t get The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: WHSL Rebel Radio click here. Anyway enjoy this episode and I added a bonus episode with Anthony Hamilton after the jump.

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MTV Makes Mondays Bearable Again

In the latest installment of Mixtape Mondays over @ MTV, they chopped it up with Young Jeezy & his upcoming mixtape, Shield Gang 2: In The Shield We Trust. He stays true to his nature & gives his fellow Atlanta rappers some shine, especially those linked with CTE. Hopefully we won’t be disappointed with what comes out of it.

Extra Mixtape Monday footage with Jim Jones after the jump

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Current Rotation


I’m currently on a music binge so I’ve been bumping a few things to see what’s out there. Some old some new my Dukes. Figured I’d share. More of the goodies after the jump. (So what if some aint out!)

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Young Jeezy Talks Both Recessions To CNN

Jeezy talks to CNN about Obama, the recession and The Recession.

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Young Jeezy’s NYC Show Parts 1-5

I was waiting for Legend to release the whole show before I posted it. Here’s the show Jizzle threw in NYC before the release of The Recession. In this clip Jeezy performs “I’m So Hood (Remix), J.E.E.Z.Y., Bottom Of The Map, My Hood, Bang, Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Remix) and Hood Nigga (Remix)”. My dude Bugatti Bredrin says it a classic LP. If you got an hour in you my Dukes this is a post to enjoy. Ayyyyyyyyy!!!!

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