DJ Vlad Interviews Ja Rule

Ja talks to Vlad about recording tracks with The Game. He also asks about his relationship with Young Buck. It’s kinda wack to see this hands across America for all the wrong reasons.

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If I Go To Jail – Young Buck


This was the Young Buck shit I was waiting for my Dukes. Seems like his head is clearing and he’s making the music that he does best. This one knocks…word.

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“There Will Be Blood” – Young Buck


More Buck for you my Dukes this time taking a title from Daniel Day Lewis Oscar flick. Even tough the title has zero to do with the movie the title works.

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“Dear Summer” – Stat Quo


Stat Quo takes about 5 minutes to tell us about his journey through Hip Hop. It’s crazy how they shelve artists and put out bullsh*t everyday. It don’t make sense at all. Maybe this is the perfect plan?

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Young Buck Intervew On Bucki Naked Radio

Buck Marley talk about 50 Cent and more.sHe did however have this to say “One Thing 50 Didn’t Do. He Aint Put This Talent In Buck”. Well let’s see how he does without Curtis & Co cause they all benefited from being together.

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Behind The Scene’s Of Game’s “My Life” Video

New Birth TV takes us behind the scenes of Game video shoot. It’s crazy to see Buck there with him. Really as a man how humbling is it to take that route to keep relevance. Cameos from Nu Jersey Devil, Clyda Carson, Buck and more.

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The Young Buck & The Chainless: Episode 2

The saga continues on Shady Acres with the second installment of the The Young Buck & The Chainless.

Via The Real

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“Move On” & “Soundscan” – Young Buck


Buck continues his campaign for setting himself up as a solo artists. Here are two new tracks from Buck for you to check out my Dukes. And Funk Flex is steady to pull the corny stop affiliating with artists moves. Just had to say that.

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I Didn’t Know You Can Say Bitch Ass On MTV…

“The Person Who Has Time To Say That Was A Bitch Ass Move, Is A Bitch Ass Nigga”

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“Games Pain” Remix – The Game
Feat. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Keyshia Cole, Queen Latifah


Aren’t you tired of the “Mega Remix” fad plaging Hip hop. The Game has a slew of artists including The Queen, Latifah that is on this one. Young buck even makes an appearance which I think is corny as f*ck. I wonder how much the labels shell out for these remixes. Enjoy my Dukes.

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