Throwback Thursday: “Wreckonize” – Smif-N-Wesson

With the emergence of T-shirt, Action Bronson and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire it seems the mid-90′s flow and cadence is seeing a reprise in the blogosphere. It’s undeniable Brooklyn’s The Boot Camp Click, were among the most influential rappers when it comes to the mid-90′s-hardcore-New York-sound. Smif-N-Wesson aka Cocoa Brovaz aka Tek and Steele released ‘Da Shinin” in 1995. “Wreckonize” was the second single off, what is deemed as, a classic album. Just look and listen to what they did to a “Just the 2 of Us” sample. Will Smith didn’t have to curse in raps to sell records but him and Trey didn’t have this kind of street cred — better recognize.

It’s amazing how Tek looks pre-tattoo with his rolex ring and polo shirt. He was swagged out before they called it swagger. Speaking of swagger, don’t Steele and Hodgey Beats resemble each other? SWAG.

Dah Shinin’

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