Throwback Thursday:”Do My” – Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z

This is in every Long Island DJ’s serato, the shit even has a fist pumper remix! Somebody told me I couldn’t play 5 songs that mad Memphis sound like the next nigga. I’ll take that money –easy. Hit my twitter if you want that 5 track Bleek playlist. Make you think Memph-man hot now!

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Throwback Thursday: “Rock The Boat” – Aaliyah

It was only right to post this today. Could have went with “I Miss You” but why not remember Aaliyah as an artist, doing what she did best as only she could do it. 10 years is a long time.


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Throwback Thursday: ‘Sugar Hill’ – AZ

Inspiration: Wale Sugar Hill freestyle

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Throwback Thursday Video:”NBA 2K” – Sega Dreamcast

Do you remember this? I was THE man on NBA 2k. Chris Smoov wouldn’t make a video of our game–trust that! The 1st round of the playoffs are better than I imagined but nothing is more exhilarating than a buzzer beater in 2k…run that game back.

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Video: Street Dreams – Nas

I don’t know why but I started listening to Nas this morning. Then I remembered that yesterday was Thursday and I didn’t post a throwback. I’ve been missing Throwback Thursday do I decided to make an executive decision and post right now, 5:30 in the morning. Sit back and watch this sucka ass nigga Nas sag his pants in a pink suit. Yea, he loses for that.

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Throwback Thursday: Ma, I Don’t Love Her – Clipse

I’ve heard Lord Willin’ didn’t age well, I can’t tell. I liked it when it came out, I like it now. This CD didn’t change the game but it added to it. By the sound of the singles you wouldn’t know the CD was laced with cocaine rap. The fellows at “Star Track” marketing plan obviously targeted the white neighborhoods. I was astonished Jesus was riding in the front on the album cover to. I wasn’t expecting the content that Lord Willin’ brought but I indulged in it. “Ma, I Don’t Love Her” was just my anthem for awhile. I did a lot of cheating in college *Kanye Shurg*


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Throwback Thursday: Ice Cream Man – Master P

In 1996 when Jay-Z was making his entry into the game a man from New Orleans had it locked. Baby might have had the better business model by sharing the wealth — Universal Deal–but Master P definitely had the better business sense. In 1998 Master P made 56 million dollars from his No Limit empire. (And you thought you were M.C. Hammer). Admittedly at the tender age of 12 I didn’t know what this song really meant. I know now. Enjoy this glimpse in the past.

Shout Out to the nigga’s that have the tank tatted on their arms and stomach.

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Throwback Thursday: Untold Stories – Buju Banton

Free Buju! I added a video of him giving directions on how to move after the jump.

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Throwback Thursday: Roll On – Big Tymers

Baby is a good business man. He is the only “Young” Black Executive that has had 2 headlining regime’s. This game doesn’t give many second opportunities, Baby is making the most of his. Take a look back in time and get your muthafucking roll on.

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Throwback Thursday: Y.B.E. – Prodigy feat. B.G.

Young Black Entrepreneurs. Whether you are making that brown paper bag money or those in their own start up, this one’s for you. I’ve always liked B.G.’s flow. This guy taught Lil Wayne how to rap, you little kiddies out there should lend an ear.

Shouts to Prodigy coming from a bid and dropping a gem book on ‘em. Nowadays those book advances are bigger than album advances. You better learn how to write good! (I know it’s well, that’s the joke)

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