Southside Phantom – T.Shirt

The homie T.Shirt is working… I respect it… as you should!


What They Said – T.Shirt

That track was directed at my grandmother, father, mom because rapping is brand new to them and it’s been many years of just having to go through the struggle and having to really fight for their support and respect.

Always appreciate some new visual from Shirt. This time he takes us upstate as he reflects and clears his mind through his music.
Read a recent interview T.Shirt had with Vibe magazine here

Be sure to download is latest project I Should Just Chill


Video: “Ode to Raekwon” – T.Shirt

On T.Shirt’s new release, ‘I Should Just Chill’, he gives an “Ode to Raekwon”. Ghostface was always my favorite from the Wu but I’ve always appreciated Raekwon’s approach to music. The Chef is a trendsetter; T.Shirt is an extension of that diversion from normalcy.

I Should Just Chill

Goat Mention: I’ll say it til I sound like a broken record. T.Shirt is one of the dopest emcees I’ve come across is a long time. Here’s an artist from A. hometown, B. is lyrical, C. takes time to put together a great product every trip and D. is dope. Anyway enough soap box time (for now). T.Shirt!

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Video: “For The Record” – T.Shirt

This shit right here…. Fire.

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Don’t Take It Personal (88-Keys Diss) – T.Shirt

Can’t front I met 88 at the Kidz N Da Hall video my boy Just directed. My boy tried to interview him for a blog Dude pulled the get in touch with my manager lol. Anyway my Dude T.Shirt sending shots and I’m posting t. People always hold there tongue in this industry. In my opinion rap is sport. You call out whatever you think is out of pocket and no onces safe. And frankly speaking 88 Keys “the rapper” aint high enough to not catch a few shots (lyrics). *Puts on repeat*

BTW *The still untitled new T.Shirt album drops next Tuesday, May 31st.

Download Don’t Take It Personal (88-Keys Diss) – T.Shirt

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Pimp or Die – T.Shirt

This is conceptual art. The beat co-insides with the spoken word to evoke emotion. At first I couldn’t grasp it. A rapper, rapping off beat? What is the point of this? I cast it off as I often do. This is an emotional ode to “her” the beat aides the listener in feeling what T.Shirt feels. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. Fuck that rapping to the beat shit, IT WAS DOPE.

Download- Life Series: 01

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In Love – T.Shirt

As I sip this Ballantine in an ode to fuck Valentines Day, I have music to accompany the feeling. Here’s new music from @Sweatshirt.

Download In Love – T.Shirt

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Video: “Never LOL” – T.Shirt

This shit is fire. Short but straight to the pizzoint. All praises dude to the A&D alum.

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Never LOL – T.Shirt

Apparently this song was inspired by tweets between A-Trak and Alchemist. A-Trak and Alchemist, real gangsters, don’t type LOL. I have a solution,type *dead*! There, now real gangsters can laugh via text. Get it, gangster-*dead*…

Shouts to the Tom Ford cologne pressed between mami’s breasts. That’s where real gangsters keep their Tom Ford!

Download Never LOL


Life Series: 01 -T.Shirt

Yes Yes Yall it’s finally here. The full release from T.Shirt. Even though I didn’t get it early (we gotta talk about that lol). So my Dukes let’s take this journey together. From T.Shirt comes The Life Series: 01. And now a word from T.Shirt:

“music is unmastered and raw as fuck, just like this life”

Download Life Series: 01 – by T.Shirt

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