S.L.R. – Lupe Fiasco

You want to hear something crazy? Something really,really lyrical? Download this shit! Lupe goes OFF.

I was at the Nokia-before they changed it to Best Buy-Theater to see a Lupe show. It was crazy to say in the least. During the show Lupe asked the crowd if they liked hip hop. Of course we, me & the crowd, screamed yes. He questioned do you like it in all forms, color and creeds. The crowd roared yes again. He asked if the crowd liked Soulja Boy. I knodded yes while the crowd roared no. Lupe then defended Soulja Boy’s brand of hip hop.

Funny a year and a couple months later Soulja Boy-whom probably does not know about Lupe’s defense of his hip hop-berates Lupe’s lyricisim in XXL. This is Lupe’s retaliation, a 6 minute “freestyle” that is super lyrical–no dissing. Thank you Soulja Boy.

Shouts to FakeShoreDrive

Download SLR

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Soulja Boy Chelsea Lately Interview 06/09/09

SBeezy went on Chelsea Lately to talk about everything Soulja Boy. She definitely one of the best at late night.

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Jay-Z Interview 6/8 With Angie Martinez On Hot 97

Jay-Z Taking Over Summer Jam

Here’s Angies interview with Jay-Z going on now on Hot 97 Live. I’ll continue to update the mp3′s as they come out and after the jump you can stream live. That part I totally swagger jacked from Nation, don’t kill me. LOL) Props to Miss Info, Nahright & Rap Radar

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 x Part 5 via 2DB

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“Cold Summer” (Souther Smoke Tags) – Soulja Boy


I know it’s Monday Dukes and some Tom Foolery is too early. Who are you kidding, you need things to get through the day. Here’s some new Soulja Boy going over Richie Spice’s tune. It’s off that new DJ Smallz & DJ Neptune: Southern Smoke TV vol. 2 mixtape. Download and cover after the jump.

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Star & Buc Wild: Hip Hop Anarchy

On the battlefield of rhymes, beats, swagger and slick talk, Star & Buc ponder the question is not where do you fit in but rather do you fit in any longer?

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Video: “Gucci Bandana” Soulja Boy
Feat. Gucci Mane & Shawty LO

Everybody needs a little fuckery in the life my Dukes. Weathers nice outside so why not enjoy it with S-Beezy & Gucci. My only question though, how come T.I. video got banned because of the Gucci & Louis V references and not this.

Update: I’ve just been informed by my dude BugattiBredrin that the Gucci sneakers SB is wearing are “Bang Bang”. SMH at this dude making a song and video but still buying at the swap meat. Misleading the kids by showing a lifestyle they kill there parents for and not even getting the genuine articles. Hit the jump for the definition.

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Video: ‘Gucci Bandana’ Behind The Scenes (Pt. 2)

I know I didn’t put up pt. 1 but pt. 2 is way better. You get OJ Da Juiceman + Gucci Mane showing off all of his ignorance. Gotta love how they do it in the South.

Behind The Scenes Pt. 1 after the jump

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Soulja Boy’s $10,000 Alcohol Dare

Shit, I’d try it…then I’d die.

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KRS-1 & Soula Boy On Rap City

KRS-1 & Soulja Boy Speak On Old School Hip-Hop Vs. New School Hip Hop. Plus Soulja Boy Tells The World Why He Dissed Ice-T.

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Soulja Boy In Rich N*gga Shit Part 1

The second I give Soulja Boy a pass for rising from poverty to making it, he does this…