Business As Usual: The Exploitation of Hip Hop Trailer

Synopsis after the jump, but you already know dat.

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Slick Rick Interview & Performance

Shout out ACT: LIVE Rochester

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Hip-Hop’s Crown Jewels Auction

Slick Rick

One of our generation’s greatest philanthropists, Russell Simmons, is holding a Hip-Hop jewelry auction for his charity, Rush Community Affairs. He partnered with Phillips de Pury & Company to get some of your favorite rappers pieces available to the general public (or whoever can get together about $100 grand by October 1st). Of course you’ll need to get tickets but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Spotted over @ Complex

Extra pics & the rest of the story after the jump

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Message From The Goat: Reboot

Comp Screen

My Dukes please Pardon my absence to I had some technical difficulties. My comp was on the fritz for the first time since I had old faithful. I’m back now so the morning news will be the evening news also. Thank God it was a minor issue. This was definitely the moment I feared.

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