Max B & Masar On The Phone
- Freestyle From Bergen County Jail

Max B moving like Shyne, let’s just hope you will have a fan base whenever he is released. What is a man suppose to do with 75 years on their lap, got damn! Read the rest of this entry »

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Throwback Thursdays: “Whoa” Black Rob

Things that stuck out:
1.) Rob and Puff had the dance before Shawty Lo.
2.) Shyne chillin’ on the low in the front like a criminal
3.) Black Rob’s line that sticks out today…Your Man Aint Whoa / The Judge Aint Whoa / C.O.’s (Ross) Aint Whoa / P.O.’s Aint Whoa….

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Puffy Is Poison

My G Ice just shot me over this interview with comedian Maronzio explaining why Diddy is poison. I have to disagree my dude cause if Puff wasn’t around the stew that was all that music may not have happened. This is funny none the less though.

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