“The Weeknd Love Triangle” – Melo X

What first started out as one of MeLo’s signature “GodMix’s” has transformed into a love triangle with none other than the most exotic goddess Sade. Through a rhythmically driven sound scape MeLo creates a meeting point between The Weeknd’s “What you Need” and Drake’s “Marvins Room”. This piece of art was inspired by an array of beautiful eclectic women during a late night studio session in an attic style Berlin apartment. Press play and let the music tell the rest of the story.

Tried to get an mp3 version of this mash up but that attempt was unfruitful. Enjoy one of Melo X’s eclectic artistic conceptualizations.

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Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2 – Joe Budden

This starts off where the first one left of. Sounds like a one sided couples therapy session.

Download Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2

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Oridnary Love Shit Pt. 1 – Joe Budden

Joey’s always a much better rapper when he is talking about personal situations but he lets too many people look inside his window. Too many people get a peek at his dirty laundry. If that is therapeutic to him then so be it but that strains a relationship.

We all knew who he’s talking about in the second half of this Sade sample.

Download Ordinary Love Shit pt. 1

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Video: “Soldier of Love” – Sade

Anyone who KNOWS me knows my love for this Woman. Only R&B getting my cheddar tin 2010. Hitting the concert too in NYC if she graces us. Hope to see ya’ll there. That is all…Good Nite.

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