Throwback Thursday: In My Lifetime – Jay-Z

“Hol’ Ho’ who? Jay-z who, the rapper? The in my lifetime nigga? Fuck outta-that skinny nigga on a boat. Get the fuck outta here aint NO rapper telling me I can’t get no money out here man.”

“A bad influence got the world drinkin gold bottles
When Puff was in that tub spillin Mo’
I was at my video, Cris’ on the speedboat
In my lifetime nigga, go do your research
St. Thomas my nigga, that was me first”

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Curren$y Spitta

Curren$y Spitta might just have broke out of the underground scene. With rotation on MTV2 and a plethora of video’s hitting the internet every week The Jets pilot is attracting attention. Early in his career he played the background with Lil’ Wayne and No Limit but now he’s running the foreground with Dame Dash.

Curren$y is probably the undeniably underground King (Kong). From putting out mixtape’s with Don Cannon & Wiz Khalifa to rapping with skateboarder T.K. and even his debut with Amalgam Digital, Spitta has been laying cement for his pending monument. Add two studio albums in 2009, a press and release deal with Roc-a-fella x Def Jam and it ain’t hard to tell Curren$y is poppin as of late. Though it isn’t astonishing that with his southern drawl-weed saturated-basic rap Curren$y excels it is noteworthy that Spitta has stayed honest. From Sports Center Vol.1 to his present single the content has remained the same. The material it brought, albeit in doses, on a regular basis and with a feverish consistancy. Mixtapes are a glass ceiling and look who is breaking through the roof. *Applaud that boy*

“Its Hot Spitta bitch not Hospital”

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Throwback Thursday – Jay-z Give it 2 Me

Yes the first verse is a whole rip off Biggie but MY GOD WHAT A HIT. You still hear this in clubs and its not even considered a “throwback”. Its regular club music. Plus I think we can agree home girls cleavage is still poppin’!

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Simply Jay-Z’s 5 Worst Tracks

So Complex made a list of the 5 worst Jay-Z tracks and we here at Pardon Me Duke don’t agree. I took personal offense because “Justify My Thug” and “30 Something” actually receive  high marks in my ipod. I thought maybe they didn’t get the concept of the track and reading the excerpt I was right.

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“Death of Autotune” (Web Rip) – Jay-Z

Jay-Z D.O.A.

Yea I was bored and made this image for this post. Yea I had the computer set to rip this off Hot 97′s stream the second it was available. Yea I smell like a ram goat. Yea you reading this, why wouldn’t you. Ha!

Download “Death of Autotune” (Web Rip) – Jay-Z

Update: Added Hot 97: Jay-Z calls in after debuting “D.O.A.”

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Star & Buc Wild: Open letter to Jay-Z

Star tries to appeal to Sean Carter (Jay-Z) to reach out and mend the bridge of brotherhood, honor and respect with Damon Dash.

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Juelz Explains Beef Btwn Cam, Dame Dash & Jay Z

Juelz Explains A Beef Between Cam, Dame Dash & Jay Z

Juelz Santana and what really happened between Jay Z, Cam and Dame Dash! Stealing beats, Kanye West and more!! Just watch the damn clip!!!

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Video: “Spaceship” – Kanye West
Feat. GLC x Consequence

So it looks like Ye’ is in the business of releasing videos form the vault. Here’s another joint of The College Dropout thats finally seeing the light of day.

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Video: “Amazing” – Kanye West Feat. Young Jeezy

In Jeezy voice: “I Need A Vacation”

Directed by Hype Williams

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Late Nite Loosies – Johnathan Mannion On Reasonable Doubt

So I was up late listening to “D’Evils” off Reasonable Doubt and looking through my misspelled autographed booklet. After running through the net to see if there was anything talking about the photo shoot I fond this clip of famed photographer Johnathan Mannion speaking about the album. Little factoid: this was Mannion’s first album cover shoot, how ill is that?

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