Video: “That Way” Wale feat Jeremih & Rick Ross

Wale & Rick Ross finally release the video for “That Way”. They’ve been sitting on this video for awhile! Great marketing plan though, have this single be a bridge between ‘Self Made’ and Wale’s ‘Ambition’. Warner pays that man ’cause Ross knows what he’s doing. How he knows? I don’t know, all I know is that he knows.

Self Made Vol.1

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“Fly Together” – Red Cafe feat. Ryan Leslie & Rick Ross

I like this. Ryan is going to be Les-always and Ross is going to do what Ross does, *Rick Ross grunt*. The real factor in this single is Red. Cafe’s been stringing together good singles for years now but gaining no momentum. I understand why he hasn’t made the leap but I wish he would. Diddy should help with the transition, Red’s just too good not to play with the big boys.

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Meek Mil Performs Live In BKLYN NYC

Over the weekend Meek Mil came to our side of town aka Flatbush Brooklyn to perform hits such as 2Pac Back and I’m A Boss. Can’t see the crowd but you can definitely hear them word for word following Meek Mil.

Via Get Ya Weight Up

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Interview: Wale Vs. Culture VI

Wale talks to Culture VI about his new found “cockiness”, his two albums and his marriage with Maybach Music.

I’m a Wale enthusiast, I want Wale to win but I’m a blogger also thus making me an A&R of World records. I strongly disagree with Wale’s distortion and generalization when it comes to “nigga’s with the computers”. I listen and heard the intricate lyrics he was rapping in Self Made Vol.1. I thought Self Made showed he remained true to himself, his talent and broadened his fan base. I didn’t understand the signing with Ross at first but when I saw that Wale was still able to be Wale, I recognized the opportunity he took and rejoiced in it. He is right, his microphone is bigger now. How can anyone blame him for that? Oh yea, we all threw stones at LeBron didn’t we?

I know I’ll be crucified for this but doesn’t this remind you of a ‘Pac interview?

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Video: “Pac Man” – Pill feat. Rick Ross

Whoever put Pill with Maybach Music was a genius! The drug references in their music meshes well while Pill’s other social conscious raps set him apart from him MMG brethren. MMG really has a great roster. Them boys at Warner know what they’re doing, whether it be the powers that be or Rick Ross himself. Has hip hop seen such a diverse group of rappers be on the same roster and it work?

Pill : “I’m fucking your favorite stripper” –how does Angela Yee feel about that?

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Video: “I’m On One” – DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled released an exclusive copy of “I’m On One” to BET for the BET awards but some how the internet goons at RapRadar embeded it on their media player. What a jack move! I respect the hustle, I truly do but they had it before VEVO did. The amount of views this racks is going to take away from the pennies Universal will get on their own internet media outlet, VEVO. From a business side I understand the Group M blacklist. From a music lover side I see the fight. If RapRadar has it first why can’t they put it up? How long will VEVO take to get it and we have to wait? Wait for what? Music is for the fans, right Drake?

Shouts to RapRadar though!

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“Work” – Meek Mill

Rick Ross is a credited with a feature on “Work” but you only hear Ross’ grunt and the occasional ab-lib. I know it’s purpose, to get the Rick Ross fan to listen to Meek Mill, and I like the idea. So much in face I just imagined Juelz Santana song where Jim Jones did all of Santana’s ab-libs. No Jimmy rapping just talking his shit at the tale of Juelz’s bars. Even better I’ll give you an example of that idea working; when P.Diddy was talking shit in “Hate Me Now” or “Muscle Game“. Why didn’t Meek and Ross explore that idea more and bring the ab-lib feature to it’s full potential? Maybe next time around. This time just enjoy Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill.

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Video: “John” Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross

Wayne & Ross, this is going to be a juggernaut this summer. It’s big because of the names but the song is excellent. Great summer music. Justice League has a bonafide hit.

Shots Shouts to Ross in a Velour suit. I don’t care, I’m not wearing those again, especially this summer. No sir, not me!

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600 Benz – Wale, Rick Ross & Jadakiss

Second leak this week from Self Made. Wale and Jadakiss were among my favorite rappers but this song is not good. I’m beginning to get very complacent with rap nowadays. Maybe it’s just the Maybach Music formula. I didn’t like 2pac back either. Less Ross more individual efforts. I know why Ross is featured on these tracks I just wish that didn’t have to be the case.

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Self Made – May 24th


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Re:Versal – “Push It” Rick Ross

Rick Ross is arguably one of the hottest MC’s right now but he started out pretty hot. ‘Hustlin‘ put him at an echelon few attain with their frist single but I ignored that. It wasn’t impressive. I still can’t for the life of me see why that popped but ‘Pushing It’ didn’t. ‘Pushing it’ was produced with a known sample, included a scarface reference and featured witty lyrics. On all counts it was the better song but billboard thought otherwise.*Kanye Shrug* It’s believed Ross’ lyrics before Deeper Than Rap were terrible but I beg to differ. I offer another look into the C.O. turned C.E.O.’s second single ‘Pushing It’. These weren’t the most intricate of rhymes but you can tell wit was used to construct them. Port of Miami was a good album. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a re:versal but Rick Ross isn’t normal people.

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