“How To Be A Player” – Reek DeVille

The apple of Long Island’s eye return’s with a different version of Drayton Jackson’s manuscript. ‘How To Be A Player‘ is Reek’s follow up to ‘The Gift‘. You may have to adapt to Busta’s proteges name change, from Da Villian to DeVille, but make sure the adaption in your game is a seamless one. Listen, learn then live; word to Tariq “Elite” Nasheed.

Download – How To Be A Player

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The Gift – Reek Da Villian

Just in time for Christmas Reek Da Villian releases ‘The Gift’ .

Long Island support! We finally have a young nigga on the stage.

Download The Gift

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“Dont Touch Me Remix” – Busta Rhymes
Feat. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil’ Wayne, NaS, Game, & Big Daddy Kane


Can’t front at all, I’m feeling all the verses. Yes, all verses…

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