Drop The World – Lil Wayne feat. Eminem [video]

This might be as big as renegade but surely not as good.

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On Fire – Lil Wayne (video)

Looks like they did the first Rebirth video and its cover art all in one day. I’m so surprised the black people are rocking with this. This is just too rock and roll for me and I’m Mr. Bryant Gumbel. Much success, cause if the album sells out he’d be labeled a sell out. Ask your local execs when the album gonna come out. I’m out.

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Lil Wayne in Court

Lil Wayne To Be Sentenced February 9
Rapper expected to serve almost a year on gun charges.
By Gil Kaufman

Lil Wayne (born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) was in a New York courtroom Tuesday (December 15), where a judge set a February 9 sentencing date in the rapper’s gun case. According to Wayne’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, he is likely to be sentenced and report to prison on the same day, just a week after the scheduled release of his frequently delayed next album, Rebirth, on February 1.

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Drop the World – Lil Wayne feat Eminem

Is this what we’re co-signing? “I’mma pick the world up and I’mma drop it on your fucking head” Is life as a star that hard? Joe Budden made a career of it but he’s not really a star. Eminem thrived on it for 2/3 albums (arguably) while Kid Cudi and Drake seem to be trying to avoid it yet looming down that lonely alley. I think it will push Drake to his acting again while Kid Cudi will probably OD in a club like River Phoenix. Please forgive my sentiments and take them with a grain of salt. Being a star isn’t that hard. Look how Jay-z handles it. Oh wait he bitches about critics to.

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