Throwback Thursday Victory – Puff Daddy feat Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes

Another installment of Throwback Thursday is upon us and Victory is my offering. I pray that this atones for my absence and various other transgressions. New segment this monday stay tuned. I also added a related track after the jump. Here’s a hint….Before I Self Destruct is in stores Nov. 23rd.

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Deeper Than iChat

Deeper Than IChat

So I’ve been trying to listen to this album since yesterday. I get a message from my dude Hiroller asking what I thought about Officer Ricky’s latest effort. Instead of transcribing I’ll just give it to you raw. And the song of the convo is from Jamaican Reggae artist Cocoa Tea’s “Good Life”. Bawse!!!

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Producer D-Dub Presents The Dead 27 mixtape

Dead 27

My peoples over at Straight Outta NYC shot me this new compilation mixtape from producer D-Dub. The Dead 27 mixtape pays homage to late hip-hop icons Notorious BIG, Tupac, Big Pun and Big L by mixing their vocals with beats influenced by greats like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain- who all died at age 27. Pretty clever concept I must say my Dukes. Hit the jump for the track listing.

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Notorious Trailer

Don’t front…first day. Who’s with me?

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NOTORIOUS Video Diary Pt.6: Props

Kevin Ladson takes us behind the scenes to show us the props being used throughout the film to give it the feel of the period being captured.

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I Believe.


This movie keeps capturing these moments to a tee. We all remember this photo spread from VIBE back in the day. Notorious in theaters January 16th 2009

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“Warning Freestyle” 1995 – Big L

Big L

This Gem surfaced today on the internet on many a blog. I figured I’ll join suit and post as well. The dude Big L takes on Frank Whites classic on Tim Westwood/Funkmaster Flex Rap exchange show in ’95. He bodies the track and makes it his own (almost, slow down Goat Brooklyn forever). There’s countless standout bars but one line sticks out right now.

“My style is hard like strong lumber / Cute chicks get the d*ck, ugly b*tches get the wrong number”


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Notorious Diary Part 5: Dressing Biggie & Faith

An inside look at the costumes used for the actors playing Biggie and Faith in NOTORIOUS. For the English impaired they making the wears that made B.I.g and his Wiz flossy like for the flickage.

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Biggie And Jr. Mafia Get Kicked Out Of Hotel

Damn Man as funny and nostalgic this footage is, it saddens me that B.I.G. aint here. “Niggaz gonna do tha bankhead bounce” – LOL

R.I.P. B.I.G.

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DJ Sems & Notorious B.I.G.
Ready To Die (The O.G. Edition)

Ready To Die

The Mixtape Marvel is back with another collectors edition mix. Ready to Die: The O.G. Edition is a must-own for fans of hip-hops legend, Biggie Smalls. The 1994 debut album from the Brooklyn rapper is considered a classic not only in rap, but in all of music. The ‘O.G. Edition’ gives you the album in it’s ORIGINAL, UNCENSORED form… and even tosses in a few NEVER BEFORE HEARD gems including an unreleased freestyle B.I.G. recorded for Pepsi. Experience the album the way Biggie wanted you to, before sample clearances and label executives got in the way.

Many thought this material was long lost, never to be heard again…but the Mixtape Marvel delivers! Highlights on the CD include DJ Premier’s version of “Machine Gun Funk”, the original version of “Me & My bi*ch”, the unheard original version of “Whatchu Want” and an entirely shocking version of “The What” featuring 2 never before heard verses from the Notorious One. 5 NEVER BEFORE HEARD bonus tracks are also included at the end of the CD featuring demos and unreleased material including the 1991 recording “Biggie Got The Hype sh*t”, which was thought to be lost in a fire and never to see the light of day. Rejoice Biggie fans… this is your must have edition of ‘Ready to Die’.

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