Mighta Missed Monday: Young Swift

J.Cole has the whole North Carolina putting on. Maybe they have been putting on but now most of the country is checking for them now. I couldn’t name 3 rappers between Petey Pablo and J.Cole from North Carolina but I can roll off at least 7 after J.Cole. Young Swift would be in the front of the 7 after Cole.

I heard about Young Swift through Shaheim Reid’s introduction series. Did some research and came up with the following. He’s signed to an Atlanta based label: Charge Nation and has an impresseive youtube catalogue. The Mixtape Guns & Roses is sitting at almost 15,000 downloads with more to surely come. Oh, did I mention he has a bonafide Akon co-sign? Co-signs usually don’t mean shit to me but Akon finds them people-*cough*Lady Gaga, T-Pain*cough*. This is an artist you mighta missed but now get a chance to catch up on.

I’ve left some visuals after the jump and the mixtape. I like visuals because you can be anybody via audio, but you can’t hide corny too long in video’s.

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J. Cole – A Star Is Born Part 1

Here’s Karen Civil and Kn2 Films four part series on that Fayetville Savior, Carolina Blazer…you know the rest. In part 1 Cole talks about his pilgrimage to the Hip Hop Mecca and becoming the first signee of Roc Nation.

Proppers Karen Civil

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The Warm Up to “The Warm Up” Part 2

Here’s the second half of our interview wit Roc Nation signee J. Cole. We had alot of fun doing this interview. Hopefully the insight this gives you will let you go out and download The Warm Up and enjoy it more now that you’ve gotten to know J. Cole a little better. In the first clip above (3rd Quarter) Cole talks about recording The Warm Up, Team Dreamville, “Dead Presidents”, Memorable Moments, Ronny Seikaly and more. The game went so good we had to go into overtime. You’ll have to check in tomorrow for that. 4th Quarter after the jump.

Previously The Warm Up to “The Warm Up” Part 1

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The Warm Up to “The Warm Up” Part 1

Last Friday night the PMD crew (well not really a crew just Me, Trose & Carter G went through to Allido Records to check Fayetteville’s own J. Cole. With some Grey Goose, Coronas (My Fave), Stella Artois in tow we bumped The Warm Up (which is certified the mixtape of the year) and eventually got around to do an interview. Cole himself gives you the meaning behind The Warm Up, his aspirations for legacy in the rap game and more. We broke this interview into four quarters like ball. First Quarter above, 2nd after the jump.

Side Note Cole will be leaking a track today that will be on The Warm Up called “Heartache”.
Produced by Elite

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Leak of The Week:
Most Wanted Baby Father (Mixtape) – Rain


The NMC always stays with new tunes. North Carolina native Rain teams up with Mr. X to drop this New Music on yall my Dukes. After the jump peep the mixtape that’ll probably help you bag a number or two.

Via 2DB bwo Mr. X

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