Throwback Thursday Video:”NBA 2K” – Sega Dreamcast

Do you remember this? I was THE man on NBA 2k. Chris Smoov wouldn’t make a video of our game–trust that! The 1st round of the playoffs are better than I imagined but nothing is more exhilarating than a buzzer beater in 2k…run that game back.

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Carmelo traded to the New York Knicks

So, now Brooklyn born, Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. This acquisition is good for the Knicks this season. In the final 25 games they’ll score hella points and let opponents score hella points but it will make for exciting basketball. The Knicks team now is a far cry from the yesteryear Knicks whose major draws were Eddie Curry and Stephon Marbury. To think in 2 seasons the Knicks went from the laughing stock of the NBA to the envy of all GM’s abroad. I applaud Isiah Thomas Donnie Walsh and The Dolan family. You’ve turned the Knicks into contenders. Can’t ask for more than that, unless you are a New Yorker.
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