Video: “Ghetto Dreams” – Common & Nas

With “Ghetto Dreams” it’s evident Common and Nas aren’t watching the throne, they believe they sit atop it. I can’t deny that this joint goes hard. With Nas admitting his short comings I’m noticing his raps are better. Much better train of thought and as you know the flows been there. Maybe I’ll purchase the next Nas CD. Yea right, smarten up!

The Dreamer, The Believer – Coming Soon

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Throwback Thursday: “Get Out My Way”- Cormega

“Get Out My Way” was a single off of Cormega’s ‘The Realness’ and was produced by Sha Money XL. The track comes off as a diss track to Nas, matter of fact a majority of the material on ‘The Realness’ came off as Nas disses. “American Beauty” ,the Cormega produced track, was the stand out but conceptually like Common’s “H.E.R.”. I’m not usually into the 90′s Queensbridge rap but ‘The Realness’ impressed me. I don’t know why Def Jam shelved Cormega’s initial project but I presume if it was anything like ‘The Realness’ it was a bad choice. Well with a lack of a “party record” I guess it was a good call. It wouldn’t have gotten the spins and if Mega wouldn’t bend on the artistry then it was a good decision. I guess it just depends on how you look at the situation.

The Realness

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Video: “Rich & Black” – Raekwon feat. Nas

Raekwon unleashes the visual for “Rich&Black” off of the album ‘Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang’. It just wouldn’t be right not to post this. I had to do it. It fits perfect with the brand. It also helps that I’m rich and black!

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Video: Street Dreams – Nas

I don’t know why but I started listening to Nas this morning. Then I remembered that yesterday was Thursday and I didn’t post a throwback. I’ve been missing Throwback Thursday do I decided to make an executive decision and post right now, 5:30 in the morning. Sit back and watch this sucka ass nigga Nas sag his pants in a pink suit. Yea, he loses for that.

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Video: Patience – Nas & Damian Marley

I’m not a big Nas fan but sometimes, just sometimes, the Queens King surprises me. This is a good collaboration. Neither artist overpowered the other and both gave forth an equal effort. It seemed more of a meshing than “I have a track you should hop on” fusion.

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Snitch Alibi – Nas

Just in time for the #FreeOnSmash campaign! Nas adds support, unknowingly, to bloggers by advising telling isn’t the way.

Heard they were telling DHS “How can a kingpin squeal?”

Download Snitch Alibi


DJ Premier Interview

John Public sits with Preemo and he speaks about a future album with Nas, the beats he submitted to Jay-Z for the Blueprint 3 album and working with new artist. The interview is apart of a series with called Producer CEO.

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Throwback Thursday – Nas Is Like

This is a joint I actually enjoyed. “Nas is like sex to a nympho but nothing sweet“. I was intrigued by Nas after this video so I asked my big homie to burned me It was written and I am… Those two disc’s were AAAIIGGGHHH and I was hype but then I bought Nastradamus. The great fascination was done with Mr. Jones. I tried to get into Illmatic but at that point the album sound was just too ancient for my ears. I have no appreciation for it. Excuse my blasphemy dukies but Hymn is truth in the mist of rapper lies.

Check out Puff Daddy on his reckless shit after the jump. Yep you know I added “Hate Me Now”. After that last statement about Illmatic, how could I not?

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Throwback Thursday Nas is Like – Nas

I don’t know what high school was like in the 90′s but I do know what “Nas is Like”! Admittingly I couldn’t relate to illmatic,couldn’t read “it was written” and could give to shit on what “I am…” but this was my joint. I knew about Primo’s beats before I knew who a Gangstarr was. Shouts to Guru. After Nas is Like I was a different human being. I stole my fathers movado, wore timbs and oversized jeans and knew I was hard. Long Island is a world away from Queensbridge but you couldn’t tell me I couldn’t rep. What thoughts did this joint envoke in you?

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J. Cole Interview For Straight Spittas DVD

Cole chops it up with Straight Spittas DVD to talk about new school Emcees he listens to and his Blueprint when writing rhymes. Pun intended.

Mr. X by way of Rap Radar

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