Mighta Missed Monday: Rolex Watches

Inspired by: “Time is money so I went and bought a Rolex”

Back in the day Rolex watches were a bit of a luxury. In the 80′s Rolex watches were a status symbol among drug dealers, rappers and athletes, which in turn set Rolex as a status symbol among the black community. I don’t know exactly when the black community turned away from Rolex or why but it seems like we’ve come back. Big Sean, J.Cole and most notably Wiz Khalifa have been seen sporting Rolex watches recently which means soon you will see a plethora of counterfeits on your local high school and college campuses. Here is a look inside watching making; see what sets Rolex apart. You must want to know why you’re going to spend $18,000 on a presidential watch, don’t you?

In other news check out what I have in store for Wednesday’s!

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Mighta Missed Monday, Video: “TopSpin Demo”

Artists frequent blogs more than the average fan so I’ve dedicated this Mighta Missed Monday to them(you). I present… TopSpin.

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Mighta Missed Monday – Jalin Roze

Jalin Roze, hails from Louisville, Kentucky and has one intention; to keep hip hop exciting. His debut mixtape,The Blouprint, hit the internets in September 2009. The Blouprint grabbed classic Hov tracks and brought Jalin’s punchline savvy flow to the forefront of the Midwest music scene. After critical acclaim across national blogs, Jalin’s music video for “Taxi” (a Ski Beats ft. Mos Def remake) paid it’s due’s for the bluegrass native. His current project Few and Far Between gained local and national recognition. His forthcoming project “The Brilliance” drops April 3rd. It will be featured on PMD so be on the look out for that.

To catch up on Mr. Roze visit his bandcamp and take a listen to someone you mighta missed. As always there are video’s after the jump.


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Video: Toast – The Niceguys

Mighta Missed Alumni,The Niceguys, offer a toast. Grab your glass and at least act like you’re sophisticated. These Houston boys are enjoying the climb to the good life. Are you watching the ascent?

The Show

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The Good Shepherd – The Nice Guys

Mighta Missed Alumni! The sentiments in the beginning of the video ring true. You must explore yourself in your music and have the listeners follow you. You have to be you *Sammy Davis voice*

This track appears on The Nice Guys album The Show

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Mighta Missed Monday: The Show – The Nice Guys

The Niceguys epitomize the law of dynamics. They stimulate development and progress, and they also thrive off their own original ideas. The Niceguys’ MC, DJ, and Producers consist of four young men by the names of Yves, Candlestick, Free, and Christolph, respectively. Experiencing The Niceguys’ chemistry live on stage is when the audience can witness that there is more to the group than meets the ear. The guys’ personality and talent, as well as the lyrical content of their music, combine to provide a feel-good atmosphere for whoever is around. This is their first debut album, “The Show”

Download The Show

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Mighta Missed Monday – The Weekend

It’s been a crazy weekend. I’m sorry I left you. Here is what you mighta missed. We can catch up together.

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Mighta Missed Monday – L.E.P. Bogus Boys

You might have heard about the L.E.P. (Low End Professionals) Bogus Boys, they’ve been on and off the Chicago rap scene since 2001. Count and Moonie, the present members of the group, have been through various tribulations since the day of inception. Loosing 2 members to the diabolical Chi-Town streets and doing a bid (Moonie was incarcerated) haven’t detered the boys from Ickies Projects though. Currenlty letting off a mixtape with DJ Drama and being featured on MTV it seems the Bogus Boys buzz is getting bigger than insects in Texas. You might not have heard their music for various reasons so PMD offers you a chance to catch up on the L.E.P. Bogus Boys, two artists you might have missed.

Download Don’t Feed the Killaz Vol. 3

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Mighta Missed Monday – Chance Fischer

I present to you Chance Fischer the Ivy league rapper. It’s interesting how broad the genre of “rap” is. It doesn’t matter what your background is you can become a successful rapper. Anyhow Mr. Fischer is no to exception to the sentiment. In the second half of 2010 alone he has released 3 projects via bandcamp. That’s a staggering number in and on itself nevermind the fact he’s still in college pursuing a Hotel Administration degree. Chance is a good lyricist with punches but he actually makes good songs. Very rare to see in young hip-hop. PMD gives you the chance –pardon the pun– to catch up on an artist you mighta missed.

Check out his bandcamp

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Mighta Missed Monday – Chad B

This Mighta Missed Monday PMD presents you Chad B. Chad B’s montage is “I’m not famous but famous people know me”. From nahright features to performing with Lil Wayne, Jeezy and the DipSet he has made a name for himself among the right circles. Chad started his pilgrimage to stardom at the tendor age of 8. I’ve never seen a bio where a artist listed Naughty by Nature as being a influence in their music and that is just a testament of how out of the box Mr. B is. You might be iffy about downloading the mixtape because a million and seventeen people raps. In fact my grandmother has a mixtape she wants me to feature on the blog but Chad B is different. Once you hear the music you will see he is a different breed. He has punches, he tells stories and what is refreshing to real executives is he can make a club song. Already in rotation at local Jersey college’s don’t be surprised to hear Chad on your radio soon. (Shade 45 counts) Click the link to see visuals of Chad’s journey.

Download : Est. 1986

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