“It’s Good” – Lil Wayne feat. Jadakiss & Drake

So here you go S.Mathis, a Drake and Wayne song that is terrible. I’m disappointed in this song in it’s entirety. From Drake’s lazy flow to Jada’s half ass metaphor to Lil Wayne’s weak sneak dissing. Oh, I can’t fail to mention that the beat is awful. If I were Jay-z I wouldn’t even respond, seriously though, “Why Hov talking to dude?”

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“She Will” – Lil Wayne feat. Drake

The hottest tandem in rap is arguably Jay-Z and Kanye West right now, Watch the Throne, but the hottest person is without a question Drake. With “Marvin’s Room” , “Headlines”, “I’m on One” and now “She Will” Drake is making everyone tuck their summer in. Radio is running his tracks at 120+ spins per day and he still has to release 2 more singles for ‘Take Care’. I wouldn’t want to drop on October 24th; Drake is taking all those dollars, *Jay-Z “Otis” smile*.

Weezy’s not too far back from Drake’s pace though. This will be his 3rd single on radio. No matter what Urban America thinks, “How to Love” is winning on top 40. YMCMB is crossing the road, with or without you. They see you looking with your looking ass n*gga!

Carter IV – 8.29.11

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Sorry 4 The Wait – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and the Young Money executives release Sorry 4 The Wait today. This is Lil Wayne’s first mixtape since ‘No Ceilings’ in late 2009. If you were expecting ‘No Ceilings’ you are in for a rude awakening. Wayne does go in on some tracks (like Kreayshawns “Gucci Gucci”) but nothing on the level of “Swag Surfin’”. Realistically though, is there any freestyle quite like “Swag Surfin’”?

Sorry 4 The Wait

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Video: “I’m On One” – DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled released an exclusive copy of “I’m On One” to BET for the BET awards but some how the internet goons at RapRadar embeded it on their media player. What a jack move! I respect the hustle, I truly do but they had it before VEVO did. The amount of views this racks is going to take away from the pennies Universal will get on their own internet media outlet, VEVO. From a business side I understand the Group M blacklist. From a music lover side I see the fight. If RapRadar has it first why can’t they put it up? How long will VEVO take to get it and we have to wait? Wait for what? Music is for the fans, right Drake?

Shouts to RapRadar though!

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Video: “John” Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross

Wayne & Ross, this is going to be a juggernaut this summer. It’s big because of the names but the song is excellent. Great summer music. Justice League has a bonafide hit.

Shots Shouts to Ross in a Velour suit. I don’t care, I’m not wearing those again, especially this summer. No sir, not me!

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6’7” – Lil Wayne feat Cory Gunz

So here is Wayne’s A Milli on steroids, Bangladesh produced this. I don’t get it. If Bangladesh is so angry that Wayne and Baby don’t pay him what he is owed, why produce for them? Why even keep those avenue’s of communication open? If Jay-z can sell water to a well then Baby can sell his oil to Johnson and Johnson. That man’s money talk is good.

Download 6’7”

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re:VERSal – “Bring it Back” Lil Wayne

It isn’t a re:VERSal for the lyrical content but for all it was. This was the last Manny Fresh produced album out of Cash Money and the bridge in Lil Wayne’s career. He was just another Hot Boy behind Juvy and B.G. while being overshadowed by Turk-until now. Birdman Jr. was allowed to spread his rapper wings and hold Cash Money’s future. Birdman bet the house on the young’n and they got paid. This was also the first time Lil Wayne proclaimed himself being the greatest rapper alive. Before he was a hustler who just so happened to rap but now Wizzle Fizzle’s focus was music. He later did Tell Me with Bobby Valentino and everything that came after is folklore. Tha Carter started the beginning of Wayne’s relentless climb to the top of Rap’s Mount Olympus and Bring It Back was it’s first single. Peep the elegance in the ignorance spewed by 02616544L. Notice he didn’t curse once!

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Mighta Missed Monday – Bugatti

National Geographic does a show about man made marvels and surprisingly they did one on Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach toy. I’ve always been the “why buy more car than you can use” type of dude until I got enough money to buy too much car. You spend the coin because its incredible engineering, not just to say “nigga you ain’t up on this”. (Plus it makes the girls moist) Watch the full episode (aired April 22nd) after the jump in 4 parts. If your a Time Warner subscriber like myself you mighta missed this.

I really don’t even know if Time Warner offers the National Geographic channel. I don’t get much television in.

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Stuntin’ – Brisco [video]

Street Medicine will be out this April 20th. Yep thats 4.20.10. Check the link for the Wayne feature. Everybody is letting go of their Tunechi features now aren’t they?

Download Wall feat. Lil Wayne

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Drop The World – Lil Wayne feat. Eminem [video]

This might be as big as renegade but surely not as good.

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