Video: Battle Cry – Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz! I wonder what happened with his Shady deal. Think Dre stepped into that one? Would have been something to hear him on Detox right? Well if the dude that owns the label’s CD didn’t drop in 8 years what you think they gonna do with your project? I woulda skated to. IDK what this is off but its hot.

Now who had the most to gain with the shut down of OnSmash? I’m not insinuating anything, I’m just saying. #FreeONSmash


Joell Ortiz Interview w/ Combat Jack

I feel Joell is a dope rapper that people over look. This interview is insightful with information I never knew. He speaks about playing ball as a kid his mother drug abuse as well as other music related things. Shout out to Combat Jack and Dallas Penn.

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Nissan, Honda , Chevy – Joell Ortiz feat. Jim Jones

I’m waiting on that Ghost of Rich Porter. I love me some Jim Jones and Jim Jones loves the kids. Joell Ortiz’s Free Agent cometh soon peasents.

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Microphone – Slaughterhouse

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Call Me – Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz, always he lyrical self, just released something via twitter. Now isnt twitter just the best marketing plan ever. They say its worth over a billion dollars now.

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Download Call Me


Rout For The Under Dawg…

So as I was watching Drag Me To Hell, I got an email from my dude Bready Filth from ICU Lab about a new Joell Ortiz “Free Agent” documentary. As I’m watching the trailer, it makes you wonder why hasn’t this dude really popped yet. But of course, that purpose for watching the finished project. The erie thing about this, I randomly seen Mr. Ortiz on West 37th Street as I was coming out of a photographer’s studio. Then I received this email the next morning. Enjoy and wait like the rest of us…

Shout out to my dudes over at Gotta Eat Tv &The ICU Lab

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Slaughter House Studio Sessions w/ Dallas Penn

My dude DP got some footage with Slaughter House to show the Internets. DP whats up!

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‘Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics’ (Mixtape)
Hosted by DJ Green Lantern

Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics Mixtape

Man oh man have we been waiting for this to drop. Thanks to the homies over @ OS, now we have it. Joell Ortiz + classic hip-hop instrumentals + Over 30 tracks = PURE SUMMER HOTNESS!!!! I’m gone…..

Tracklisting & Download link after the jump

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‘Loser’ (Rock Version) (Tags)
DJ Yo_Dah feat. Lil’ Wayne x Joell Ortiz x Smitty (Plus A Host of Others)

Loser Promo Pic

One look @ the list of rappers on this & I wasn’t the least bit impressed. Only reason it even gets a post is cause Mr. Ortiz is on it. Please trust he did take the cake on this track. Feel free to run with it or drop the ball.

Spotted over @ DX

Download link after the jump

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DJ Laser x Slaughter House Present
Slaughter House ‘The Mixtape’

Slaughterhouse Mixtape Cover

Something to set your weekend off right my dukes. We over @ PMD have been away from the site for a bit due to our work schedules but never fret, starting Monday we’re gonna be right back with some EXCLUSIVES!!!! Until then enjoy the sounds of a group that makes rap good again. And I’m gone….

Mixtape Artwork (Back) & Tracklisting after the jump

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