Ordinary Love Shit #3/Closure – Joe Budden

Joe Budden pours out his emotions to gain some closure in his failed relationship with Esther Baxter. OLS3 over Frank Ocean’s Novacane. Yea, that’s spelled wrong because Mr. Ocean spelled it wrong.

Sometimes you just can’t leave the wrong woman alone because the right one won’t acknowledge an apology.

Download OLS#3

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Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2 – Joe Budden

This starts off where the first one left of. Sounds like a one sided couples therapy session.

Download Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2

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Oridnary Love Shit Pt. 1 – Joe Budden

Joey’s always a much better rapper when he is talking about personal situations but he lets too many people look inside his window. Too many people get a peek at his dirty laundry. If that is therapeutic to him then so be it but that strains a relationship.

We all knew who he’s talking about in the second half of this Sade sample.

Download Ordinary Love Shit pt. 1

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Remember the Titans – Fabolous, Joe Budden , Lloyd Banks, Royce da 5’9”

So Fabolous and Banks jump on a Joe Budden track; interesting. Banks verse is inaudible as always and I think Fabolous put out the best effort. Joe Budden’s too witty for his own good-what a surprise- and Royce da 5’9” talks about the weirdest shit. It’s a track where you get what you’d normally get from each artist away from this track. No out of the box creativity coupled with no chorus. Nowaday’s,I gather, people want to hear songs not a huge collaboration freestyle with 3 New York rappers finished by Detroits golden child. Though the rappers might be lyrical titans, there is nothing memorable about this track.

Download : Remember the Titans

Shouts to YouHeardThatNew

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Enter the Mind of Joe Budden – Joe Budden

So Joe Budden turns into author. He invites us to “Enter the Mind of Joe Budden”. The book takes you through Joe Budden’s hits (hopefully they muster up more than pump it up) and explains the thought process through his verses. Its something like the XXL or Vibe or The Source article he did. This book is supposed to be like Jay-Z’s Decoded. I hope this is a real book and not bullshit like Jay-Z’s book.

Buy the book and/or buy tickets to the S.O.B’s performance and release party

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New York, Jersey, Philly – Joe Budden feat. Royce da 5’9”

Change the trucks grill yea the car got veneers now.-vintage Joey!

Download New York, Jersey, Philly

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Money’s on Me – Joe Budden

This is off of The Great Escape due out soon but sure to be delayed. J. Cardim did the beat and Joey talked his shit. He should make a song about being punched in the eye and then calling a truce. All in all he raps well and this is only entertainment people!

Download Money’s on Me

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Microphone – Slaughterhouse

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Russian Roulette – Joe Budden

joe budden

Will there be a Mood Muzik 4? Joe Budden’s infatuation with pain is remarkable. Fans comment cause you put your life on display. Don’t be upset with their respective observations. Take it as a grain of salt. Maybe the comment section on blogs are his fuel. Does Joe Budden have people to contact for interviews and such or do you have to contact him directly?

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Slaughter House Studio Sessions w/ Dallas Penn

My dude DP got some footage with Slaughter House to show the Internets. DP whats up!

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