Money Makes Me Feel So Better – Max B

Amalgam Digital is finally going to release Biggavelli’s album. Why after so long, who knows. “Money Makes Me Feel So Better” is his first single off of Vigilante Season. Still takes shots at Jim Jones and still talking money. Since the revenue from his sales is legitimate money will it go to yet another appeal? FREE MAX B

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Download Money Makes Me Feel So Better

Vigilante Season – March 29th


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Throwback Thursday : Cam’Ron S.D.E.

This is by far my favorite Cam album. There are certain artists who get hit with the sophmore jinx but not Cam’Ron. It’s often argued that Confessions of Fire was his finest album but I disagree. On Confessions he was humble, as humble as a nigga born from Harlem can be, but S.D.E. he let the cocky talk. He was the best rapper EVER and he didn’t have to prove it to you. If you didn’t know you were stupid and if you did it was obvious. This is where the trend setter flaunted his swagger. This was also the beginning of the Diplomat movement. A lot of people know that but what what many people don’t know is this is also where Cam threw his first rocks at Jay-Z. Yep Let Me Know was directed at the Jigga Man. S.D.E. showcased Cam’s ability to make a mainstream hit without a major feature. Something Confessions did not do. What Means the World to You? If you ask me it will always be Sports, Drugs and Entertainment-until the arraingment.

Revisit S.D.E.

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Nissan, Honda , Chevy – Joell Ortiz feat. Jim Jones

I’m waiting on that Ghost of Rich Porter. I love me some Jim Jones and Jim Jones loves the kids. Joell Ortiz’s Free Agent cometh soon peasents.

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Mighta Missed Mondays


Alright so this installment of Mighta Missed Monday comes in two parts. First part is 50 Cent and Eminem’s psycho. Since Before I Self Destruct wasn’t bought by anyone most people might have missed this. Yes it was a feature on blogs but 50 Cent and Eminem aren’t capturing attention names like Drake and Lil Wayne. Its unfortunate really because this is a really good track. Its vintage 50 and Em at their best. 50 sings on the chorus and talks about killing people in his verse while Eminem just murders it. This should get into shade 45′s xm rotation.

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Ain’t Nothing Like You – Blak Roc feat Mos Def & Jim Jones

Stong effort from Jim Jones and if you saw the doc you get the joke. Mos Def is the best rapper but chooses not to rap. Check out Blak Roc’s impending album with the same name featuring NICOLE WRAY. I didn’t even know she still did music. Wonderful voice she just needs a platform.

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This Is Jim Jones Documentary

This is the 1st preview of the documentary. Drops June 30th


Cam’Ron Interview Circa 1998

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This Cam’Ron interview was around the time I still thought he’d be a good replacement for the throne. Here he is in Detroit with Grouchy Greg talking about the Gold success of Confessions of Fire and the future of Diplomats. Killa!!!

Bonus: Felt like giving ya’ll the final track off Confessions… Enjoy. Who’s Nice – Cam’Ron

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Star & Buc Talk Summer Beef

Star & Buc look to stir the pot this Summer and make the Hip Hop beefs brew. Yeaaaha!!!

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Biggavelli TV Episode 6

Finally a reason to put a new post up. My dude Biggaveli roams the hallways of his building clearly high and drunk. She pit all on the fat head in Miami.

Via Please Don’t Stare

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French Montana Plays Jim Jones Latest Album Sales

The newest signee to Konvict Music goes in on the boy Jim Jones. At least he has a deal to back up his talk with someone who makes all of his artists pop (i.e. T-Pain, Lady GaGa, Brick & Lace). The dude has an ear for music & knows how to market it so hopefully French gets the push he needs.

Damn how dude said Jim Jones made Santa flop??? That’s almost like having an empty New Year’s party. So sad.

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