Star & Buc Wild: Hip Hop Anarchy

On the battlefield of rhymes, beats, swagger and slick talk, Star & Buc ponder the question is not where do you fit in but rather do you fit in any longer?

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Business As Usual: The Exploitation of Hip Hop Trailer

Synopsis after the jump, but you already know dat.

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Ice T Calls Up Kay Slays Street Sweeper Radio

Ice & Coco

Ice calls up Kay Slays show to speak on the statement he made about Soulja Boy and Lil’ Mama. Don’t really need to say more than that…

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Ice-T’s Called Soulja Boy Trash Since Last Year

Seems like Ice-T drew first blood since last year on soulja Boy. Rakontur dug up some old footage of Ice getting at Soulja Boy & Lil’ Mama for there lyrical content.

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NYOil Speaks On Ice T VS. Soulja Boy

NYOil speaks on the whole fiasco between Soulja Boy & Ice T. He brings up a great point on the old heads wanting respect but few have taught the new generation how to conduct themselves and lead the way. He also tells the new comers they need to learn humility.

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Souja Boy Turns Ice T Into Cartoon

Soulja Boy has no plans on stopping as he continues to poke fun at Ice.

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Ice T Recants “Eat A D*ck” Statement

So over the weekend Ice responded back to Souja Boy responding to him. Well I really don’t wanna take sides but T started it, got ethered and now comes back. As much as I like Ice T he needs to quick. And ya’ll know how I feel bout Soulja Boy.

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Soulja Boy Responds To Ice T’s Comments

So in the WWE that is Hip Hop we always have these random anomalies that occur. The most recent one is Ice T’s verbal attack on Soulja Boy via the Black Ice Urban Legends mixtape by DJ Cisco. He goes on to say he single handedly murdered Hip Hop. Real talk Soulja Boy made great points back at Ice T and everyone if you really listen.

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