Star & Buc Wild: Hip Hop Anarchy

On the battlefield of rhymes, beats, swagger and slick talk, Star & Buc ponder the question is not where do you fit in but rather do you fit in any longer?

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Red Cafe Eviction Notice Trailer

Well Red Cafe takes his stab at terrorizing a few emcees. He labels Hell Rell as one of the wack ones. I guess he’s salty about the chain comments. Let’s see where this goes. Mixtape comes out July 1st!

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Ice T Recants “Eat A D*ck” Statement

So over the weekend Ice responded back to Souja Boy responding to him. Well I really don’t wanna take sides but T started it, got ethered and now comes back. As much as I like Ice T he needs to quick. And ya’ll know how I feel bout Soulja Boy.

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