The Streets Need PremeDaPrez…

PremeDaPrez, Brooklyn emcee fresh off the launch of released “The Streets Need Music” mixtape. The mixtape is fire and worth the download. Hosted by DJ Magic of Hot 97′s Big Dawg Pitbulls, the mixtape contains freesytyles, remixes, and some original songs. Download + Cover after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mos Def Interview With Angie Martinez 6/9/09

Mos Collection

So now that my collection is complete I’ve decided to hunt Mos Def down a get all my albums signed. It was also a good reason to post some late ishh. Here’s Mos Def on Angie yesterday that I missed. In this interview he atalks about the album, him still wanting to battle Jay-Z for charity and more.

Part 1 of Mos Def w Angie Martinez

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Part 2 of Mos Def w Angie Martinez

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download Part 1 x Part 2

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Jay-Z Performs D.O.A. At Hot 97 Summer Jam

This is the only reason I wouldv’e went to Summer Jam. I decided to stay in the crib and watch a bunch of movies. Here’s Hov taking over Summer Jam and making it his show. Anyone who went on after this I know you’re tight. I’m not going to even post the other footage. My dude Big Homie got that covered. Can’t front I wonder if T-Pain second guessed walking on stage during Hov’s set. After the jump there’s a higher quality version so you can see how the crowd rocked out. Love the part at 3:30 when Hov says “Good Ridance!” LOL

Via YN

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In Studio With J. Cole Listening To D.O.A. Debut

Friday Night at Allido records once more with J. Cole and the whole Dreamville family eager to hear Funkmaster Flex & Mister Cee debut Jay-Z’s new single “D.O.A. / Death of Autotune”. Later on that night, well morning we finally got around to do an in depth interview about his highly anticipated mixtape The Warm Up. We previewed a bunch more tracks that did or didn’t make TWU. He also let us see the rest of the trilogy shot by BBGUN, which I can definitely say is something you don’t want to miss when it comes out. Part 1 of “The Warm Up To The Warm Up” coming Tuesday Dukes.

Related: Flex & Mister Cee talk all types of f*ckery courtesy of NR via RR

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“Death of Autotune” (Web Rip) – Jay-Z

Jay-Z D.O.A.

Yea I was bored and made this image for this post. Yea I had the computer set to rip this off Hot 97′s stream the second it was available. Yea I smell like a ram goat. Yea you reading this, why wouldn’t you. Ha!

Download “Death of Autotune” (Web Rip) – Jay-Z

Update: Added Hot 97: Jay-Z calls in after debuting “D.O.A.”

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Angie Martinez Interviews Jadakiss

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Funk Master Flex Bans Interscope Music

Flex Wilds out on the whole Interscope label. Damn!

Goat’s Addedum: This nigga Flex is a clown. He always attacks situations that don’t have the power no more. He never said anything sideways about Bleek (for example) but if he wasn’t next to the throne he would probably attack him. This nigga don’t break records and when I go to the club I listen to dance hall to catch a dub not rap so you cant move me.

Little Known Factoid: At one time Def Jam was paying nearly 60% of Hot 97 payroll. I guess it’s Atlantic Records time now.

Also: Watch the segment on Clear Channel on Before The Music dies documentary and how rotation works.

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Drake on Funkmaster Flex Freestyle & Interview

Now people been talking about this freestyle but for some reason I’m still not into this dude. We put this for our fans support and friends, Enjoy.

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Peter Rosenberg For Hot 97′s “Hip-Hop Votes”

My favorite Jew, Peter Rosenberg, asks the questions that we all wanna ask some of these random ass people we see in the streets. Nothing is better than a New Yorker keeping it real on who they want to vote for in the upcoming election & why.

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Angie Martinez Interviews T.I.

More T.I. yadda yadda yadda. Don’t get it twisted my Dukes I feel Clifford but everyone asks him the same questions.

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