Video: “Legendary” – Bas Feat. Beyond Belief

Straight from Queens comes new emcee Bas. His project “Quarter Waters Raised Me Vol. 1″ raised me was released this past May. Today we get the first visual off the LP which is my favorite record. As a bonus I have attached a link to the mixtape for you to check out. Enjoy Dukes!

Bonus: Quarter Waters Raised Me Vol. 1 – Bas

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“Hate On Haters” – Forgotten City Family

Happy New Year!!! Gotta keep the show rolling and the first post of the new year is FCM’s “Hate On Haters” Feat. June Da Kid, Krown K, Karnegie, Noo Noo, L Blevins, E Roc, and Bravo and they are all representing the DMV. Wale might be the face of the DMV, but there way more talent out there. This is the kind of music that gets my brain churning.

Download Hate On Haters
S/O to June Da Kid for the track

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Rout For The Under Dawg…

So as I was watching Drag Me To Hell, I got an email from my dude Bready Filth from ICU Lab about a new Joell Ortiz “Free Agent” documentary. As I’m watching the trailer, it makes you wonder why hasn’t this dude really popped yet. But of course, that purpose for watching the finished project. The erie thing about this, I randomly seen Mr. Ortiz on West 37th Street as I was coming out of a photographer’s studio. Then I received this email the next morning. Enjoy and wait like the rest of us…

Shout out to my dudes over at Gotta Eat Tv &The ICU Lab

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“Gotta Go” – Phever

With the NYCP project on hold, Phever is still releasing music. Here is a banger produced by High Standard.

Download Gotta Go and check out more Phever here.

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5th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival


This show is great for the music, culture and community and the only way it keeps getting better is by the support of you with your donations. This is a big weekend event that is free but needs your support. What other concert has so much for so little? Visit Brooklyn Bodega for more info.

12-8 PM

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D-Nice’s True Hip-Hop Stories: The Homeless Emcee

While surfing the net I stumbled on and found a hot post of a Brooklyn homeless man who is also a Emcee. Shout out to D-Nice for the good footage. When you see homie in bk shout him out!

Hip Hop is all f@%d up right now, i dont know what the hell happened, 50 f@%d the game up right now…”

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Fight Klub bringing you march madness…

MARCH MADNESS – TONIGHT 8PM from Executive Nick on Vimeo. My dude Executive Nick invited the team down to the last Fight Knight and we were well entertained. Tune in tonight at 8pm to see the full clip.

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Melo-X Upcoming Show…

Melo-X Show

Melo-X Show

Melo has another show coming up look out for the contest to win free tickets to the show… Read the rest of this entry »

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Hip-Hop’s Crown Jewels Auction

Slick Rick

One of our generation’s greatest philanthropists, Russell Simmons, is holding a Hip-Hop jewelry auction for his charity, Rush Community Affairs. He partnered with Phillips de Pury & Company to get some of your favorite rappers pieces available to the general public (or whoever can get together about $100 grand by October 1st). Of course you’ll need to get tickets but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Spotted over @ Complex

Extra pics & the rest of the story after the jump

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Absolut’ On FHtv

Check out more from Absolut’ here.

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