The Sex EP – Terrace Martin & Devi Dev

Brought to you by Terrace Martin & Devi Dev, “The SEX ep” is exclusively produced by Terrace Martin with features that include Hi-Tek, 9th Wonder, Lloyd, Problem and more. The idea for The SEX ep spawned after the incredible response to the heavy jazz influence & live instrumentation on the pairs previous effort “Here, My Dear” and the noticeable lack of sensuality in much of the music released as of late. Though originally slated to have only 6 tracks, “The SEX (now album sized) ep” grew to be much more. If directions were to come with this project, they would read something like “Take your clothes off and press play“

Download The Sex Ep


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Here, My Dear [video] – Terrace Martin

This is a step out on the musical branch. A very long musical branch. On a dark and stormy night. Everybody doesn’t take that trip and of the few that do a handful make it. Terrace Martin went there and brought you back something. Everything isn’t for everyone but this is an offering to you.Here, My Dear.

This is mainly for the creative types all though the auto-tune is a bit corny.

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Here, My Dear – Presented by Terrace Martin & Devi Dev

This really isn’t my cup of tea-usually. I’m not into N.E.R.D. or far out musical experimentation i.e. trip hop but over the past few years some “unconventional” projects stick out. Man on the Moon, 808′s & Heartbreaks, Love vs. Money and now this.

Terrace Martin is a grammy award nominated musician who’s worked with the likes of Snoop and Quincy Jones. Brought up as a jazz musician Terrace converted to hip hop production later in his life but kept the jazz influences (his “horn”). Music envokes emotions to the listener brought from experience, well good music does. Mr. Martin describes ‘Here, My Dear’ as “the feeling right before you fall in love and the very moment you realize it’s over”. If you’ve ever been in love you know what he is talking about. If you haven’t you’ll understand the sentiment when the EP is over.

Download Here, My Dear

I added a visual teaser of the EP after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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