Throwback Thursday: Y.B.E. – Prodigy feat. B.G.

Young Black Entrepreneurs. Whether you are making that brown paper bag money or those in their own start up, this one’s for you. I’ve always liked B.G.’s flow. This guy taught Lil Wayne how to rap, you little kiddies out there should lend an ear.

Shouts to Prodigy coming from a bid and dropping a gem book on ‘em. Nowadays those book advances are bigger than album advances. You better learn how to write good! (I know it’s well, that’s the joke)

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I Don’t Know Ya’ll – Young Dro feat. Young LA

These visuals are so poppin! Its like real life mixed with cartoons.

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Young Dro and DJ Cannon Rest in Peace (Preview)

Decatur Dan caught up with Don Cannon and Young Dro at Grand Hustle studios in Atlanta as they went over some final touches on their mixtape. Like which song was going to be the intro. Dro voted for this song, wait and see when it drops, any moment now.

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Almega Sends A Letter To Tip

All Good A Week Ago

So it looks like Alfamega’s not going to take his boot from Grand Hustle laying down. But before he decides to give it to T.I. “4 or 5 Ways” he decided to write a letter to T.I.P., a public one at that.

On some real shh*t, you need to control your kingdom and PLEASE keep your motha f***in troops straight.”

Letter after the jump.

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Video: “Futuristic Love” Yung L.A. feat. Ricco Barrino

Only cause Va$htie directed it… Shout out to my dude Rob!

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“Hell Of A Life” – T.I.


Here’s another release off the Re-Release of Paper Trail my Dukes. Kinda obvious why it didn’t make it on the original but I could be wrong. Still riding with Star on this one. 1 year plus time served on Fed charges, confusion washed over me.

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T.I. On How He Got On

Clifford speaks on his Trail to success. Pun intended.

Via Heather

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T.I. Says To Go Buy Paper Trail

Clifford needs to pay his lawyer fees yall. So if you heard Paper Trail and you like it, go buy it.

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I’ll Be In The Sky – B.O.B.


I’m fucking with this dude right here. I havent posted much yet but enjoyed it on my Mac. Very musical and clearly Kast influenced. Fuck with me my Dukes it choice.

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More Shawty Lo Ur Finished Footage

Here’s some more behind the scenes of the “What Up” video shoot. Damn Carlos you’re Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn!!!

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