Video: “Novacane” – Frank Ocean

I admire Frank Ocean. He didn’t go away with a record deal and become someone that the label thought he was. He manufactured an opportunity and currently is among the hottest musicians online. Remember when someone tells you that you are *insert key phrase here* it’s only an opinion. Others might set our glass ceilings but whether we breakthrough them is totally and utterly up to us. Def Jam, are you getting a clear picture?

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Ordinary Love Shit #3/Closure – Joe Budden

Joe Budden pours out his emotions to gain some closure in his failed relationship with Esther Baxter. OLS3 over Frank Ocean’s Novacane. Yea, that’s spelled wrong because Mr. Ocean spelled it wrong.

Sometimes you just can’t leave the wrong woman alone because the right one won’t acknowledge an apology.

Download OLS#3

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