Video: “Respect With This Tech” – Fat Trel

Maybe Dwight Howard should call up Fat Trel because he gets no respect for his tech’s. Shot by 1st Impressions beat by Lex Luger, like you didn’t know who made the beat.

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Video: Cremate ‘Em – Fat Trel

Remember him from Mighta Missed Monday? Yea Fat Trel is at it again with a video. Shot by 1st Impressions Studio Fat Trel takes a stroll in the cemetery with his goons. Just in case you don’t get the metaphor: he’ll kill you. Lyrically or otherwise–site the lyrics–Fat Trel isn’t for games. Cremate ‘Em is off of the mixtape No Secretz. DMV has another one.

In another observation, what kind of Northface vest is that? I know the steep tech jacket but what kind of vest are they wearing? That shit is H.A.M.

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Mighta Missed Monday: No Secretz – Fat Trel

Mr. Trel will, most likely, be the next big thing out of DC. I like him on that “Who Don’t” so I decided to check him out. Hit his twitter and saw he had a mixtape that dropped before labor day last year. I don’t recall seeing it on blogs. I’m offering another chance to catch up with The Board Administration’s artist Fat Trel. You mighta missed his mixtape No Secretz.

Download No Secretz

Wouldn’t be a Mighta Missed Monday without some video’s after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

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