Cole World: The Sideline Story
Official Tracklisting

Art Direction and Design by Alex Haldi for Bestest Asbestos | Photography by Leann Mueller

Only one month left… #ColeWorld

01. Intro
02. Dollar and a Dream III
03. Can’t Get Enough Feat. Trey Songz (prod. by Brian Kid)
04. Lights Please
05. Interlude
06. Sideline Story
07. Mr. Nice Watch Feat. Jay-Z
08. Cole World
09. In The Morning Feat. Drake (prod. L & X Music)
10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect Feat. Missy Elliot
12. Never Told (prod. by No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God’s Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up

1. Nothing Lasts Forever
2. Work Out
3. Daddy’s Little Girl

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“It’s Good” – Lil Wayne feat. Jadakiss & Drake

So here you go S.Mathis, a Drake and Wayne song that is terrible. I’m disappointed in this song in it’s entirety. From Drake’s lazy flow to Jada’s half ass metaphor to Lil Wayne’s weak sneak dissing. Oh, I can’t fail to mention that the beat is awful. If I were Jay-z I wouldn’t even respond, seriously though, “Why Hov talking to dude?”

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“She Will” – Lil Wayne feat. Drake

The hottest tandem in rap is arguably Jay-Z and Kanye West right now, Watch the Throne, but the hottest person is without a question Drake. With “Marvin’s Room” , “Headlines”, “I’m on One” and now “She Will” Drake is making everyone tuck their summer in. Radio is running his tracks at 120+ spins per day and he still has to release 2 more singles for ‘Take Care’. I wouldn’t want to drop on October 24th; Drake is taking all those dollars, *Jay-Z “Otis” smile*.

Weezy’s not too far back from Drake’s pace though. This will be his 3rd single on radio. No matter what Urban America thinks, “How to Love” is winning on top 40. YMCMB is crossing the road, with or without you. They see you looking with your looking ass n*gga!

Carter IV – 8.29.11

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“Headlines” – Drake

Young Money and Drake finally let loose their official first single from ‘Take Care’, “Headlines”. I’m sure not many people are going to think this is first single worthy just like his last effort but guess what? He did 466k his first weeks so Baby & dem making the right decisions. That’s why he drives a red Exelero and we’re all still A&R’s for the World Record Label.

Take Care – 10.24.11

Shout to The Supreme Team

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“The Weeknd Love Triangle” – Melo X

What first started out as one of MeLo’s signature “GodMix’s” has transformed into a love triangle with none other than the most exotic goddess Sade. Through a rhythmically driven sound scape MeLo creates a meeting point between The Weeknd’s “What you Need” and Drake’s “Marvins Room”. This piece of art was inspired by an array of beautiful eclectic women during a late night studio session in an attic style Berlin apartment. Press play and let the music tell the rest of the story.

Tried to get an mp3 version of this mash up but that attempt was unfruitful. Enjoy one of Melo X’s eclectic artistic conceptualizations.

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Video: “I’m On One” – DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled released an exclusive copy of “I’m On One” to BET for the BET awards but some how the internet goons at RapRadar embeded it on their media player. What a jack move! I respect the hustle, I truly do but they had it before VEVO did. The amount of views this racks is going to take away from the pennies Universal will get on their own internet media outlet, VEVO. From a business side I understand the Group M blacklist. From a music lover side I see the fight. If RapRadar has it first why can’t they put it up? How long will VEVO take to get it and we have to wait? Wait for what? Music is for the fans, right Drake?

Shouts to RapRadar though!

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Video: All of the Lights – Kanye West & Others

This is somewhat of a big deal. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a great album. Would you expect anything less from Kanye? *Kanye Shurg*

I got the original with Audrey Graham after the jump.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Itunes

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Video: In The Morning – J.Cole feat Drake

While giving you a visual to “In the Morning” J.Cole also shows off his European Tour. What ya life like? His is real. Get drunk, do shows, hang out with beautiful women, wake up then hit it in the morning. What did you do this morning? Yea, you went to work. Time to change your occupation.

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Made Men – Rick Ross feat. Drake

Rick Ross works hard. After Ashes to Ashes he’s set to release an album, God Forgives, I Don’t. Ross made 6 million dollars last year! I know nigga’s that haven’t made 6 dollars off rap and don’t work nearly as hard. I salute the effort. May-may-maybach music.

Download Made Men

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The Story Of J. Cole

View more news videos at:

NBC New York took time backstage to catch up the general public who are still new to Cole World to tell his story. He also touches on remixing “In The Morning” and the album _______________ lol.

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