92Y Tribeca Show [2-19-10]

I don’t know who Game Rebellion are but they’re doing a show with Donny Goines, Emilio Rojas and Esso on Friday. Full flier and more information after the jump. I’ll stream some of their songs and let you know in the comment section if they are any good.

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True Stories Radio’s A Real Cypher Part 2
Donny Goines, ESSO, Charlie Clips, Cortez x Punch

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Donny Goines Performing “What The People Want”

Here’s a new track off of DG’s The Breakfast Club album, dropping May 19th. Produced by the Ether boy & newest member to auto-tune, Ron Browz. Sounds like the track has a some lines that we should all sit & listen to.

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Donny Goines In XXL Mag’s Show & Prove Section

Donny Goines

Be sure to check out June’s issue of XXL mag to see his “Show In Prove” feature.
My dude Donny I see you!

In you’re in the Brooklyn New York City area be sure to check out Donny Goines performing on 4/25 at Von King Amphitheater & Park, Brooklyn NY Showtime: 11:00am to 4pm

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“Mt. Olympus” – P. Casso feat. Donny Goines

P. Casso King Shake

Unless you’re blind & can’t read the title, you should already know this is fire.  P. Casso from the AOK Collective drops a banger with one of PMD’s favorites, Donny Goines.  Produced by the Soul Academy.  Soak in the goodness this cold ass Monday morning.  Shouts to King Shake on the link & artwork, I see you my duke.

Download link after the jump

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“BARS” Segment 20
Donny Goines feat. Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose

Next up to bat, my boy Mazzi from S.O.U.L Purpose . This is a real positive brother right here. He is donating half the proceeds from his new project “The Construction” to The Boys & Girls Club of America. Gotta respect that. A few more weeks left until B.A.R.S Live!!! Till next week people….

Bonus freestyle that Donny shot over straight from the studio, going in over Alicia Keys’ “No One”, after the jump.

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Donny Goines Updates

Donny keeps us up to date with the status of his debut album, Minute After Midnight. He also talks about his first single called “I Am Moving” debuting on MTV 2 October 9th. BARS Live is a great concept and I will be there for that one.

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BARS Segment 19
Donny Goines Feat. Kel Spencer

Can you believe that I filmed so many off these already? I still got a few more to go before the grand finale (Bars Live at the Knitting Factory Oct. 28th) but until then the show must go on. Next up we have Kel Spencer. That name might not sound familar to most but I bet ALOT of you have heard his music before (picture Casper with a pen). Until next week people….

Also included a bonus track from Donny where he featured after the jump.

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Vibe Wit Me – Donny Goines & Emilio Rojas


My dude Donny sent me some new music to share with my Dukes. Not really more I can say cause “The Shield” is distracting me.

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“BARS” Segment 18
Donny Goines Feat. Emilio Rojas

Next up, I got my boy Emilio Rojas. You may or may not have heard of him yet but trust me when I tell you, he got some dope music getting ready to come out. Look out for the Nouveau Slick EP dropping in late Oct.

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