Behind The Scenes Of “We Out Here Grinding”

If all these dudes were really wearing real diamonds it would have to be at least a couple million in that room. I don’t buy that.

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“Shouts Out To F*cker Ass Plies” – Trick Daddy

Fresh into his new deal with Cash Money is Trick getting at Plies. No staement as of yet from the self proclaimed “Realest Goon In The Room”.

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Behind The Scenes Of Foolish Remix!

Shawty Lo brought out a million and one people for his remix shoot. Artists such as DJ Khaled, Pitbull, Ace Hood, Dipset, Byrdgang, Boogz Boogetz! & more.

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DJ Khaled Previews Tracks For Kanye & Cons

Here’s Khaled previewing the new single off his next album We Depressed!!!! nah I’m playing. Sometimes I think dudes bop there heads strictly cause there trying to be cordial. You know when someone asks you to listen to a track and you don’t feel like being blunt at that exact moment.

Related: Here’s the track he’s playing if you feel like downloading it my Dukes. Out Here Grindin’ – DJ Khaled Feat. Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Trick Daddy, Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne & Ace Hood

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DJ Khaled Showing Why He Signed Ace

Whatever – Goat ©

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Cuban Link Interview With All Access Disses Rick Ross & DJ Khaled

Here’s Cuban opening up about the financial state of Pun’s family and how Fat Joe has treated the family since Puns Death. He Performs the “Your Not Hood” diss and explains his untold beef with Rick Ross & DJ Khaled.

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