Bunch of Rounds – CyHi Da Prynce

A late video from one of XXL’s freshmen off of Royal Flush. The A-town Prynce gets robbed and rides around with a bunch of rounds. What a dilemma at the end of the video. What would be the right course of action? You shouldn’t pop dude in front of his daughter but you’ve been looking for him for awhile.

Royal FlushStill available


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Video: All for Me – XV feat. CyHi Da Prynce, Vado, Erin Christine

XV is just shooting video’s like crazy. Looks like this was closed set with just Vado, CyHi and Ms. Christine. There are no other people in the video. I found that to be a bit strange-unless I missed something. Cool video though.

I’d like an invite to a video shoot. I’d be an extra, just shoot me an email: Hymn(at)pardonmeduke(dot)com

Kid With The Green Backpack – Coming Soon

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Freestyle – CyHi da Prynce

CyHi da Prynce lets loose some bars on HoodRich Radio. I’m surprised he spits this hard and hasn’t been compared to Mr. 3000 yet. He also is an ATL representer. I’m not saying compare him, I’m just saying I’m surprised somebody else hasn’t.

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Royal Flush [mixtape] – CyHi Da Prynce

Def Jam/G.O.O.D. music signee CyHi Da Prynce released this mixtape a couple week’s ago but I’m just getting around to hearing it. Truthfully I’ve avoided listening to CyHi because of the hoopla that surrounds him but he is everywhere so I gave in to good marketing. Although it is a pawn in a guerilla marketing scheme I must admit CyHi’s mixtape is impressive. He seem’s like he’s ready to make a dent in hip-hop’s facade next year. Unfortunatley I still won’t be checking up on him but I’m sure his music will make it’s way to me. That is what G.O.O.D. marketing does isn’t it?

Download Royal Flush via RapDepot

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