Video: XV vs. Notorious B.I.G.

I think it’s extraordinary for XV to cover Biggie. He’s from a different region-one and lately New York rap isn’t acknowledged. Thank You XV for acknowledging not only a great, great, great emcee but New York for pioneering this thing of ours. I bet Diddy is going to want a check from this though.

Shouts to Court Dunn and Restless Films.

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The Minimum – The Kid Daytona [video]

Court Dunn is putting together some impressive video’s. Here is another one from The Kid Daytona off of his free album Come Fly With Me. That was a good album and people won’t realize it until Daytona is 3 albums deep in the game.

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Sympathy for The Devil [video] – Emilio Rojas

Surprising that of all the tracks on The Natural Mr. Rojas and his people went with this one. Not because it is a bad track, far from that. This track is utterly personal and from his father’s persceptive. The timing on the video is dead on. Shouts to Court Dunn on the direction.

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