Coldest Winter – Kanye West [video]

I will be the first one to argue that the “Illuminati connection” is pure bullshit and ludicrous. With that stated I definitely feel as if I just watched a demonic ritual. I’ve posted it on twitter and I’ll post it here. It seems like nowadays its not about talent but about how far off/weird you are. The further off/weirder you are and the harder it is to understand your concepts the “hotter” your labeled. I’m not saying Kanye doesn’t have talent because thats far from the truth. I’m saying the concept it’s weird and I don’t get it. Just because I don’t get it doesn’t make it hot. I just means I don’t get all the bullshit visuals packed into this 4 minute satanic video.

The views expressed above are not of the whole PMD just I…Hymn.

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