Video: “Summer Jam” – The Cool Kids feat Maxine Ashley

Green Label Sound finally open ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ budget and let The Cool Kids release a video for “Summer Jam”. I personally would have went with “Swimsuits” but I make no A&R decisions. Enjoy Mikey & Chuck’s ode to the mid-western summer. No one will ever do it better than Will Smith but I might be bias. It was the speed racer shirt, what’s better than that?

When Fish Ride Bicycles

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“Swimsuits” – The Cool Kids feat. Mayer Hawthorne

The Cool Kids team up with Mayer Hawthorne for “Swimsuits”, their first single from the forthcoming album ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’. I’m not too big on The Cool Kids and Chuck Inglish’s production is sometimes overwhelming, either one way or another, but I like this joint. Sir Mikey Rocks excels on his verse while the hook is simple and catchy but not over done. This record feels like great summer music but doesn’t deter from The Cool Kids brand. I think it’s hella short but that only makes me play it back again and again. I’d suggest a third verse on a remix but I wouldn’t want a forced collaboration that wouldn’t do the original song justice. I would have liked to hear Mayer Hawthorne attempt a bridge though. That coulda been dope.

Swimsuits – itunes

When Fish Ride Bicycles – July 12th

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GiftRaps – Chip Tha Ripper

With Chuck Inglish composing every track but one, and no super guest appearances, Cleveland’s son returns with a mixtape. Chip tha Ripper of “Ask about Me” fame gives the internet a present. There was much made about Chip not being featured on the 2011 cover. I didn’t know why. I’ve learned why. The internet–or at least my timeline–went pepperoni–or whatever these kids are saying nowadays– when GiftRaps was released last night. One assailant went as far as tweeting GiftRaps was more anticipated than Lasers, blasphemy! Nonetheless, here it is, Chip tha Rippers triumphant return.

Download GiftRaps via Karmaloop

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