Mixtape: ‘Boss of all Bosses 2.8′ – Cam’ron & Vado

‘Boss of all Bosses 2.8′ is posted on BIG blogs but livemixtapes tracklistings is different. I’m just bringing you a different look. Pardon me as I do what I do.

Boss of all Bosses 2.8

Boss of All Bosses 3.0 – 10.5.2011

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Throwback Thursday : Cam’Ron S.D.E.

This is by far my favorite Cam album. There are certain artists who get hit with the sophmore jinx but not Cam’Ron. It’s often argued that Confessions of Fire was his finest album but I disagree. On Confessions he was humble, as humble as a nigga born from Harlem can be, but S.D.E. he let the cocky talk. He was the best rapper EVER and he didn’t have to prove it to you. If you didn’t know you were stupid and if you did it was obvious. This is where the trend setter flaunted his swagger. This was also the beginning of the Diplomat movement. A lot of people know that but what what many people don’t know is this is also where Cam threw his first rocks at Jay-Z. Yep Let Me Know was directed at the Jigga Man. S.D.E. showcased Cam’s ability to make a mainstream hit without a major feature. Something Confessions did not do. What Means the World to You? If you ask me it will always be Sports, Drugs and Entertainment-until the arraingment.

Revisit S.D.E.

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Get ‘em Daddy – Curt@!n$

Curt@!n$ releases another freestyle, this time over Killa’s Cam’s Get ‘em Daddy. I’m not sure if these freestyles are going to be on #Killer or they are just a prelude to the mixtape. 12.14.2010 #Killer will be upon us. Are you ready?

Download Get ‘em Daddy

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Throwback Thursday : Horse & Carriage – Cam’ron

Man when this came out Ma$e was poppin’! Cam is right, if he would have made an appearance in the video it would have boosted Confessions of Fire sales. Cam had a shit load of other cameo’s though. Canibus, Wyclef, Fat Man Scoop, Styles P, and Tyson Beckford to name a few. This was also our first visual of Jim Jones. Who would have thought back then Cam’ron would become The Cardinal of New York? He’s come along way but is back with Jimmy. It’s funny how somethings are too far down the road to reconcile but other’s come full circle.

Check the “remix” after the jump. It features Silk Tha Shocker, Charlie Baltimore & Big Pun. I love my dukies!

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TwitSet – Affion Crockett

I called this last night. The Mel Gibson line was by far the funniest. I think maybe Mr. Crockett used to be a rapper in North Carolina. Anybody have any footage on that? TwitSet TwitSet TwitSet owwwweee! Love the spoof’s. He sure is quick with it right? Video in the near future—maybe?

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Amber Lamps – Cam’ron feat. Vado

These guys are really talking about an Ambulance. Internet is *dead* over this one while I’m ashamed for Harlem. I went to college out there. See S. Mat I’m old enough to have WENT to college!

This is off Boss of all Bosses 2.5

Download Amber Lamps

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Boss Of All Bosses 2 (Gangsta Grillz Edition)” – Cam’Ron & DJ Drama

As promised I’m off my full out hate mode before full judgment (even though my spider senses to this music ishh is 99.9% right) of any music. In the second installment of Cam’Ron & DJ Drama’s Boss of All Bosses series I am pleased. Cam’Ron and The U.N. bring you 20 tracks of pure Harlem lyrical renaissance. The productions, lyrics and skits make this a iTunes replay value collection. It’s dope, no hate on this one. And if I did, stop it 5!!!!!!

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Mighta Missed Mondays


*late pass* Its been a hectic couple of days so paron me dukies! Since Jay got an award for Empire State of Mind at the AMA’s I’m posting songs dedicated to New York. Got a Red Cafe cut and Killa Cam ftw.

Heart & Soul

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Welcome to New York City

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Video: La Bamba – Cam’ron feat. Vado

The King of Harlem is back with with his newbie Vado. Cam went low budget and realistically with video’s only good for a week MJ budgets are just stupid. Almost as stupid as Cam’s mini-afro.

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Cam’ron: Cousin Bang, The Movie (trailer)

This is some of the most retarded ish I’ve seen but I’m excited to actually see the finished product. FTR: Cousin Bang needs to go knock on Jim Jones door and put shit back in order.

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