“How To Be A Player” – Reek DeVille

The apple of Long Island’s eye return’s with a different version of Drayton Jackson’s manuscript. ‘How To Be A Player‘ is Reek’s follow up to ‘The Gift‘. You may have to adapt to Busta’s proteges name change, from Da Villian to DeVille, but make sure the adaption in your game is a seamless one. Listen, learn then live; word to Tariq “Elite” Nasheed.

Download – How To Be A Player

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Throwback Thursday – Busta Rhymes

You know what day it is! I live for Throwback Thursday’s. Busta Rhymes has some amazing cuts! After 2 decades of rapping and myraid hits he’s doing it again with Swizz this time. All I want to know is why isn’t he in anyones Top 5 Dead or Alive?

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Star & Buc Wild: Hip Hop Anarchy

On the battlefield of rhymes, beats, swagger and slick talk, Star & Buc ponder the question is not where do you fit in but rather do you fit in any longer?

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Joe Budden Up Close & Personal Part 1
Responding to Meth and Busta

Now I love the “beef” in Hip Hop and hopefully some real lyrical jabs are thrown. But I can’t help but sigh because it always seems like Joe Budden says something then plays victim somehow in the situation. Anyway the ever eloquent Miss Info ;) and my dude Exec Nick teamed up for a series of interviews to talk about the current fiasco.

In this first episode, Joe speaks on “rival emcees,” and actually listens to Method Man and Busta Rhymes’ comments from a few weeks ago….Then Joey warns of a lyrical reaction that he has in the stash….

I have a response to him, but my response gets under peoples skin…when I talk it bothers people, and I have a response, that if I said, he would really wanna put hands on me.

In the words of Joey “Ughhhhhhhhhhh”

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Busta Talks About The Financial Climate In Rap

Busta does make some valid points but I’m not sure if he honestly believes everything he’s spitting. Cause frankly, the music he’s making today is hot garbage compare to the masterpieces he made in the past. I don’t think he’ll crack 30,000, even though numbers don’t mean an album is hot. But that’s the point he was trying to make.

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‘Feeding The Streets’ (Mixtape)
Busta Rhymes, Superstar Jay & Big T

Feeding The Streets Mixtape Cover

More mixtape goodness for you this Hump Day my dukes. Busta is trying to keep that buzz up until May 19th, when his new album, B.O.M.B., drops. Hopefully this will keep everyone interested & the album won’t be a disappointment.

Tracklisting & Download link after the jump

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In The Mix With Busta Rhymes

We catch up in Busta Rhymes at Platinum sounds studio. He speaks more on his new album B.O.M.B. Here he recording his track “Hustlers Anthem ’09″. Pretty sure it was already layed but they wanted to show the process which is always cool.

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Busta Rhymes Explains Back On My Bullshit

Paris France, at a studio press conference Busta chops it up with RapNews.fr to talk about his new album B.O.M.B.

I don’t gotta wait three years to put albums out. Ya’ll know me for putting out an album every year. And you know when I made certain rules and got into certain situations with certain establishments, my progress was slowed up. I ain’t letting that shit happen again.”

Shot’s fired.

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‘Stoopid (Remix)’ – Gucci Mane feat. Busta Rhymes

Gucci Simpson

As they say in Grenada, “Hand over hand wash hand” lol. Or at least that’s what my horticulture teacher used to say until I told him it was, “1 hand washes the other”. Anyway, here’s a remix to Gucci’s track featuring Busta. I wonder if they did each others remixes at the same time in the studio???

Download link after the stop sign

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‘Hustler’s Anthem (Remix)’ x ‘New Tone In The City’
Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes

Two new tracks from the boy Bus A Bus. The 1st track is a remix to his street anthem, Hustler’s Anthem, featuring Ryan Leslie, OJ Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane. The next track is a banger featuring Uncle Murda. Gotta say I’m not a fan of this ’09 Busta but he works with everyone nowadays so he has to stay relevant with that strategy.

Download links after the jump

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