“How To Be A Player” – Reek DeVille

The apple of Long Island’s eye return’s with a different version of Drayton Jackson’s manuscript. ‘How To Be A Player‘ is Reek’s follow up to ‘The Gift‘. You may have to adapt to Busta’s proteges name change, from Da Villian to DeVille, but make sure the adaption in your game is a seamless one. Listen, learn then live; word to Tariq “Elite” Nasheed.

Download – How To Be A Player

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Remembering Tupac Shakur

No time for tears my Dukes. We are here to celebrate the memory of Hip Hop’s most influential person. Tupac left a legacy filled with greatness, drama, mystique and much more. I decided to leave you with this classic MTV Jams interview with Bill Bellamy. What’s crazy is he says on this interview that Faith is on the album but if you check the credits it has a different name. Suge doesn’t like to pay anyone…Part 2 after the jump.

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