Star & Buc Wild: Hip Hop Anarchy

On the battlefield of rhymes, beats, swagger and slick talk, Star & Buc ponder the question is not where do you fit in but rather do you fit in any longer?

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Ill Doctrine on Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads

Smooth speaks on the whole Asher racial stuff…

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Amanda Diva Interviews Asher Roth

More Asleep in the Bread Isle talk.

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Asher Roth’s “Bad Joke”

Asher Roth F*ckery

While my dude Goat was searching the web, he came across this site that had some very interesting screen shots of Asher Roth’s Twitter page. Somehow this :Rick Ross voice: monkey, decides to make a joke that wasn’t even funny when the 1st jackass made it. It’s nice to know that these are the jokes that white people find funny. Wonder how long we’ll give this attention before it just goes away completely???

Added f*ckery after the jump

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XXL VIDEO: Asher Roth Vs. Rick Ross

The XXL staff cast their opinions on the 1st week sales of Ross & Roth. Frankly I dont care but found some of the comments funny.

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Don’t Go Buy Asher Roth’s Album On 4/20

Well at least that’s what they want you to say but not really do. Here’s a promo clip for the album that basically advertises the album by bashing it. I guess his marketing/advertising budget is pretty large by the show of celebrities that got for this. Pretty genius if you ask me.

And if you haven’t noticed, at 1:26 in & 2:06 check out our boy Spyda Fresh rockin that Fashion Hurtz Biggie Splat sweatshirt. We EVERYWHERE, you ain’t NEVER there, so why would we EVER care???

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In Search Of……Asher Roth

My duke Dallas has been warming up to this new rapper they call Asher Roth. So much so that he has taken it upon himself to start a quest to see if anyone has actually seen him & if possible, to see him for himself. Will he succeed, just gotta watch & see.

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