Video: American Gangster – Rayful Edmond III

Inspiration: “illin for revenues, Rayful Edmond like” – Jay-Z

You think we’ll get a Rayful Edmond reference from Wale anytime soon?

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On Top of the World – J.Cole feat A.L.

This was submitted to Jay-z to appear on “American Gangster”. Jay might have passed on the track but, well we know what happened with J.Cole.

Download On Top of the World

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“Traffic In Green” – Crooked I

Crooked I

Crooked I borrows the American Gangster track and goes in about moving the Herbal Essences instead of the White. A little chronic never did anything bad to anyone.

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Prodigy Calls Hov A Snitch And More

Here’s some footage of P crusing New Yitty and talking about the snitch factor. He basically goes in at Hov and the powers that be for glorifying a snitch like Frrank Lucas and more. He also says cam’s crazy for what he said on Anderson Cooper way back when.

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Unreleased Roc Boyz Trailer

Here’s the unreleased second installment of the American Gangster promo Rik Cordero directed.

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