Diddy Cover’s the SOURCE

So it seems that Diddy was important enough to make it to the February issue of the SOURCE, issue hits newsstands on January 25th, but it looks like he missed the Last Train to Paris and ended up in TRON #FAIL.

Culdesac – Childish Gambino

Just to prove everybody is a rapper I want you to check out my man Donald Glover. Don’t know who Donald Glover is? Well he’s Troy from NBC’s Community. (Thursday’s @ Eight) Doubling as Childish Gambino Mr. Glover has released three studio albums all for free release, Culdesac being his latest. Glover’s prospective on him rapping is “Not every rapper is from the streets. Jay-Z’s story is not my story and I say that in the album. I love Jay-Z, but I can’t tell that story”. Culdesac is primarly composed/produced by Gambino and Ludwig Goransson. The mixtape is very eclectic much in the vain of Wiz Khalifa and Wale’s Mixtape about Nothing. The Huffington Post proclaimed “Glover thinks he’s on the highest creative level possible, a la Tupac, and maybe in his own way he is”. Check out the stand out track Do Ya Like via youtube.

Download Culdesac

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What The Hail…

This is what we got, while some of you people out there in web land were chillin. Hail in Brooklyn, in early October. What’s next?

S/O to Fashion Hurtz for the vial visual.

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Who wants to be the next Scottie Pippen?

Check your own team you’ll always be number 2


Sooner or Later – Chiddy Bang

I just saw this over at UHTN. I’m not too big on the song nor know much about the group but the visuals are disturbing-for lack of a better word. If you don’t like the song mute it but watch the whole video! Read the little caption at the end also. We talk of Eurpoean greed in Social Studies as grade schoolers. There is even a show on CNBC dedicated to American Greed. Despite what we know and have learned, there is no amount of evil greater than African Greed. From slavery to modern conditions in various countries-across that continent- it truly is atrocious what African’s will and have done for currency.

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Bad News Brown

This is very interesting. I don’t know what thoughts are trying to be conveyed in the video but its interesting. No Words on a hip hop track. I guess he is the harmonica version of Miri Ben-Ari? Yes? Are we going with a yes on that one? What happened to Ms. Ben-Ari? Check out Bad News Brown, this one not that Bad News Brown.


Just Wright : Mixtape Vol. 1

I don’t know why this is being herald on the internet as “Think Wright : The mixtape vol. 1″ because the cover clearly says “Just Wright : The mixtape vol. 1″ As aformentioned elsewhere this doesn’t have any new Common tracks on it but it is a true mixtape. An eclectic array of different types of music. Somewhat a score as you would for the movie.

Catch the movie trailer and a tracklisting cover after the jump. Since they aren’t pressed anymore are they really regarded as back covers?

Download Just Wright the mixtape Vol. 1

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The Reincarnation of Christopher Wallace

After Rick Ross announced he was Big Poppa reincarnated in Mafia Music II the internet has been debating the validity of his sentiments. A Hypnotize looking video with Puff Daddy/Diddy ensued while Diddy himself claimed Ross came off sounding like Biggie on Angels last verse. The similarities are there. Both being fat, unattractive and rappers are ambiguous. Pointing out the fact that these characters captivate large audiences with a reliance on charisma is where the arguement gets raw. People are willing to fight/kill/defend the honor and intergity of Biggie and his legacy. Of course he isn’t Biggie reincarnated but is Rick Ross really filling Biggie’s shoes?

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More Careful – T-Pain [video]

The Nappy Boy pulls a Ruben Studdard and apologizes for 2009. (wonder how many blogs said that) Shouts to musicvideocast.com on the spot. For the record I think Mr. PenderAss did his thing over successful. RevolveR is coming soon and I’m anticipating what the single is going to sound like. When the first spins come out everybody is going back to jocking auto-tune….so excited!

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The More I Get – Consequence feat. Rick Ross

From Linden Blvd. Queens to the Correction Facility in Miami. This is an unlikely pairing but I guess the Baws owed ‘Ye a favor for Maybach Music pt. 2. Consequence’s mixtape The Cons Vol. 6 coming soon. Shouts to The Hip Hop Update on the leak.

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