Video: “Can’t Get Enough” – J.Cole & Trey Songz

I think we all know I’m back and forth with J.Cole and this may be a late entry but,“Can’t Get Enough”, deserves the attention. He wins with “Can’t Get Enough” & “Workout” but he took an L today with the leak. I won’t provide the link to download the album then tell you to go buy it I’ll just tell you to go buy it. Help somebody get closer to their dreams.

Cole World
– 9.27.11

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Throwback Thursday:”Do My” – Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z

This is in every Long Island DJ’s serato, the shit even has a fist pumper remix! Somebody told me I couldn’t play 5 songs that mad Memphis sound like the next nigga. I’ll take that money –easy. Hit my twitter if you want that 5 track Bleek playlist. Make you think Memph-man hot now!

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“Bodies” – Killa Kyleon feat. Bun B

At first I didn’t like this guy but now I like him. I don’t know if he geniunly got better, if I’m jumping on the bandwagon cause I see him on RapRadar all the time or if I’m accustomed to him for being on RapRadar all the time. (me meeting him in JFK has nothing to do with it; I think) Whatever it may be his mixtape has landed in my itunes, in the ipod cause you know I have everybody’s project on my computer. I’m a fan first.

Candy Paint & Texas Plates 2

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Road to Ambition: Wale

I pray Wale wins because he represents a generation — our generation. The generation that was told to go to school to get a good job then while in our senior year the stock market crashed. After completion of school we got jobs that required no college education with little hope of getting the job we want, our dream job. Part of that is that old heads won’t relinquish their positions but most of it is circumstance. We have the ambition but sometimes not all the means. If Wale makes it we call can make it. If someone can do it; why can’t I? That’s what this album will symbolize.

“Why not live with the drive to aspire?”

Ambition – 11.1.11

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Mighta Missed Monday: ASAP Rocky

They say success never happens over night it just feels that way to some people. I don’t know what ASAP Rocky has been doing through out his life but his name blew up over labor day weekend. What sparked the fire, I have yet to know but the streets are buzzing about the Harlem rapper. Him being spotted out and around Drake multiple times surely helped his cause but what is his business affiliation?

I have video’s after the jump and a mixtape to boot. ASAP Rocky, an artist you mighta missed.

Deep Purple

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Video: Marvin & Chardonnay – Big Sean, Kanye West & Roscoe Dash

“Marvin & Chardonnay” is a Kanye West and Roscoe Dash song. Big Sean should have just ab-libed for ‘Ye. I’m sure the blogosphere loves what Sean brings to the table but I’d much rather see him eat somewhere else. Hold up, Hold up, HOLD UP — Whoa there. Crockett and Tubbs, what’s up with the Grey Goose instead of, ah: Chardonnay!? *Insert Kanye Shrug*

Big Sean should seriously work with Pusha T as a writing tandem. It would work, I assure you.

Finally Famous

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Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys EPK

In anticipation for “Now or Neva” the L.E.P. Bogus Boys release an EPK to let you know how dope everyone–that’s important–think they are.

Now or Neva – 10.31.2011

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Video: “Summer Jam” – The Cool Kids feat Maxine Ashley

Green Label Sound finally open ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ budget and let The Cool Kids release a video for “Summer Jam”. I personally would have went with “Swimsuits” but I make no A&R decisions. Enjoy Mikey & Chuck’s ode to the mid-western summer. No one will ever do it better than Will Smith but I might be bias. It was the speed racer shirt, what’s better than that?

When Fish Ride Bicycles

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Throwback Thursday: “Boom” – Royce Da 5’9

This guy should have been poppin’ years ago, 2001 to be exact. If you don’t know the story then here is a quick synopsis of the facts. Royce was friends with Eminem, who was signed to Aftermath, that put out Dr. Dre 2001. Royce Da 5’9 wrote for that album but problems between camps kept him off 2001 and out of the spotlight. This was around the time Renegade was written.The original Renegade, before Jay bodied his verse. Here’s Royce on the verge of blowing up–tic, tic.

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Video: “Don’t Call” – Fly.Union

Fly.Union and the boy Jerreau shoot a video for “Don’t Call” from the digital download ‘The Greater Than Club’. The video was directed by Jerreau while it was a Monkey Wrench production.


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