Star & Buc Wild
“Never Mind Green, Let’s Go Gay!”

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Video: Pitbull Knocks Out A Fan While Performing

This is crazy. As the fuckery continues, the dukes continue to come out of hiding. Which one of your favorite rappers can you say will do this while performing??? NONE that’s who!!! Can anyone say ensuing lawsuit???


Video: ‘Zumbie Video’
Andy Milonakis x Major Lazer

Now you know only the purest form of fuckery can bring the dukes out of a super work hiatus. I for one know of at least 10 Rasta’s on Church Ave. that’ll chop this dude up with a bid, dutty cutlass. Just a little nonsense to get you through to the weekend.

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Throwback Thursdays: ‘Imma Tell’ – Tech N9ne

Song is crack. I hate you if you think otherwise lol. Honestly, I used to see this video all the time on BET Uncut (remember that f*ckery?). Til this day I’m still a fiend for this beat. Can’t tell me nothin!!!!

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Throwback Thursdays: ‘Danger’ – Blahzay Blahzay

Where were YOU when this dropped summer of ’95??? I was living a good life in BK, enjoying this joint bumping from every car, corner store, park & house radio in the window. Man this takes me back to icees, basketball in the park all day & eating those cheeseburgers from the corner store LOL.

When the East is in the house/Oh my GOD/DANGER!”

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‘Don’t Forget’ – T.I. feat. Mary J. Blige


Damn this dude just will not turn himself in. Trying to flood the streets with music until we’re up to our knees in his catalogue (I’m guessing). Like the title says, Don’t Forget, cause 1 year is longer than some artists’ careers when it comes to rap. Let me know what you think my dukes.

Props to King Shake

Download link after the jump

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Interview With Big Joe
(Diddy’s Ex-Security Guard & Cam’s Ex-Manager)

Big Joe was dropping some real knowledge in this clip. I know I’m ready for that book to drop so I can be kept in the light. All you young heads keep an eye out for that book, “Interview With A Diplomat”, dropping soon.

I got Cam a new movie deal coming out. Watch. $6 million. Soon as they close I’m gonna give it to him.”

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‘Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics’ (Mixtape)
Hosted by DJ Green Lantern

Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics Mixtape

Man oh man have we been waiting for this to drop. Thanks to the homies over @ OS, now we have it. Joell Ortiz + classic hip-hop instrumentals + Over 30 tracks = PURE SUMMER HOTNESS!!!! I’m gone…..

Tracklisting & Download link after the jump

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DJ Laser x Slaughter House Present
Slaughter House ‘The Mixtape’

Slaughterhouse Mixtape Cover

Something to set your weekend off right my dukes. We over @ PMD have been away from the site for a bit due to our work schedules but never fret, starting Monday we’re gonna be right back with some EXCLUSIVES!!!! Until then enjoy the sounds of a group that makes rap good again. And I’m gone….

Mixtape Artwork (Back) & Tracklisting after the jump

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‘So Cool’ x ‘I Wonder Why’ (Extended Version)


Another one of PMD’s favorite son’s is back with 2 tracks for your ears my dukes. The 1st track So Cool, produced by Arsenix, is some super smooth, warm weather, “let me just get fresh to walk to the corner store & back” type of vibe. The 2nd track I Wonder Why, produced by DJ K-Breezy, is an ode to the ladies out there. Keep your eyes and ears open cause we will be posting much more from my dude.

Download links after the jump

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