Don’t Take It Personal (88-Keys Diss) – T.Shirt

Can’t front I met 88 at the Kidz N Da Hall video my boy Just directed. My boy tried to interview him for a blog Dude pulled the get in touch with my manager lol. Anyway my Dude T.Shirt sending shots and I’m posting t. People always hold there tongue in this industry. In my opinion rap is sport. You call out whatever you think is out of pocket and no onces safe. And frankly speaking 88 Keys “the rapper” aint high enough to not catch a few shots (lyrics). *Puts on repeat*

BTW *The still untitled new T.Shirt album drops next Tuesday, May 31st.

Download Don’t Take It Personal (88-Keys Diss) – T.Shirt

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“Warriors” – Chipz Da General Feat. Headcrack

My dude Chipz dropped this track in my inbox. Track is featuring an artist by the name of Headcrack from the BX and for a moment they called out Fat Joe. Not exactly sure what that is about but I know we will find out soon. Enjoy Dukies!!!
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The B**** A** Report:
Beanie Sigel x Jay-Z Loyalty vs. Money

Coming hot after the whole situation, Phever aka Silky Smooth of the Ghetto gives his opinion on his B**** Ass Report.

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Chamillionaire explains the Jordan beef…

Seems like athletes can get rowdy just as rappers can… Cham explains his 1st meeting with the NBA great and how bad it turned out. I must say the story was funny… LOL

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Phever: B***h A** Report – Chris Brown Says “Sorry”

Phever tears Chris Brown a new one, damn kid! Check out more here.

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Almega Sends A Letter To Tip

All Good A Week Ago

So it looks like Alfamega’s not going to take his boot from Grand Hustle laying down. But before he decides to give it to T.I. “4 or 5 Ways” he decided to write a letter to T.I.P., a public one at that.

On some real shh*t, you need to control your kingdom and PLEASE keep your motha f***in troops straight.”

Letter after the jump.

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“Boycott Mase” -Star N Buc

Expect for the religion part, Star is speaking truth. No one likes Mase expect Cam’Ron right now.

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Leak of The Week: The Swine Flu 2 – Tony Yayo

Swine Flu 2

Tony Yayo has all intentions of infection the blogs with his music. Here’s another does of that Swine Flu for your iPods my Dukes. I haven’t gotten to check it out yet so drop a few comments and let me know how this one is knocking. Track list and download link after the jump.

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Jay-Z Interview 6/8 With Angie Martinez On Hot 97

Jay-Z Taking Over Summer Jam

Here’s Angies interview with Jay-Z going on now on Hot 97 Live. I’ll continue to update the mp3′s as they come out and after the jump you can stream live. That part I totally swagger jacked from Nation, don’t kill me. LOL) Props to Miss Info, Nahright & Rap Radar

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 x Part 5 via 2DB

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Star & Buc Wild: Hip Hop Anarchy

On the battlefield of rhymes, beats, swagger and slick talk, Star & Buc ponder the question is not where do you fit in but rather do you fit in any longer?

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