Almega Sends A Letter To Tip

All Good A Week Ago

So it looks like Alfamega’s not going to take his boot from Grand Hustle laying down. But before he decides to give it to T.I. “4 or 5 Ways” he decided to write a letter to T.I.P., a public one at that.

On some real shh*t, you need to control your kingdom and PLEASE keep your motha f***in troops straight.”

Letter after the jump.

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D-Nice’s True Hip-Hop Stories: The Homeless Emcee

While surfing the net I stumbled on and found a hot post of a Brooklyn homeless man who is also a Emcee. Shout out to D-Nice for the good footage. When you see homie in bk shout him out!

Hip Hop is all f@%d up right now, i dont know what the hell happened, 50 f@%d the game up right now…”

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Reggae Artist Sizzla’s House Burns Down in J.A.


It’s a slow Thursday morning so please excuse the absence of posts for the 1st part of the day. For now read up on how my duke Sizzla’s apartment complex burned downed, including his studio, but him being such a business man it’s gonna be turned into a flip.

Cost of Damage – $25 Million
Property Insured For – $60 Million FIIIIIIRRRREEEE (in the good way, not the house burning down way).

Bonus vids inside post

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Soul For Real Fall Victim To The Recession

Soul for Real

Damn I thought I had it rough right now but 3 members from the R&B group Soul for Real are REALLY feeling it. According to a police report stated to Sister 2 Sister Magazine (yeah we look all over the net people) these dudes are being indicted with 145 counts of aggravated identity fraud.

:singing: Back in the days when I was young/I’m not a kid anymore/but sometimes I sit & wish I was a kid again……

Bonus vid of Soul for Real in their glory days after the jump

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Jaz-O Responds To Hov Lines On Luda Track

Once again Pardon Me for being away in the mountains again my Dukes. On my hiatus from the net I see Luda teamed up with Jay and NaS for a track off Theater Of The Mind. Turns out Jaz-O wasn’t too happy about some lyrics Hov spit on it. I mean really my Dukes some times you have to let things go. Looks like dreams that shouldv’e been given up a LONG time ago.

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Video: Sweet Dreams (Jay-Z Diss) – Peedi Crakk

Taking more stabs at Hov is your boy Peedi Peedi. This…sh_t…is…Funny.

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More D-Block Drama: J-Hood Answers Jadakiss

Frankly I’m tired of the gun talk, what ever happened to fist fights. I don’t think Hood could punch his way out of a wet paper bag. This internet expose your guns shit is wack. Dudes need to start the boxing for children’s charities or something. I wonder what he meant by saying “You don’t want me to tell Fat Joe what you did”. This shit is so corny for real on both sides of it. Rest in peace to B.I.G., Tupac, Proof, Big L, Freaky Tah…dudes that had real beef.

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Juelz Talks New Mixtape Dropping 9/19/08

Juelz decided to knock down some pins on 9/11. He goes on to talk about his new mixtape coming out on the 19th my Dukes. Mixtape artwork after the jump. On a real note it’s all about Purple Haze track number 23, “Dip -Set Forever”. Damn, I remembered they laughed at the ROC…

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Max B. Explains The Wavery To XXL

My favortie rapper…say something.

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The (Ex) King of Pop Turns 50

Michael Jackson(And no I didn’t put a recent pic up, his face now is just way to creepy)

Yes folks, today is that day. The dude who brought you Moonwalker the movie (VHS style for all my 80′s/90′s babies), turns 50 today. Michael Jackson is at a real milestone in his life, he’s officially mid-life & he needs to act like an actual adult. Let us remember him from his hay day by reminiscing on some of the better times.

Bonus flicks after the jump.

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