Movie: See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)

“Today I threatened to shoot a naked woman with my erection”

This is by far one of my favorite movies. Hey Hollywood can we get a remake? Probably not. I don’t even think two actors could fill these shoes.

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On the Road with Chocolate Drop – Kevin Hart

“Look in my account all I got is odouls…cause the bottle green nigga”

If he’s not the next black comedian; he’s certainly the closest one.


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Video: From Ashy to Classy – Donnell Rawlings

With his firm grasp of the outrageous, Donnell Rawlings (HBO’s The Wire) was born to make people laugh. He grabbed America’s funny bone on Chappelle’s Show with characters like Ashy Larry and the distinctively jheri-curled Beautiful. Now Donnell goes even further, taking on the entire American culture with impersonations of everybody from Michael Jackson to Barack Obama, and bringing his audience to tears with his razor-sharp insights and fearless observations.

This is funny stuff. In case you didn’t know “Ashy to Classy” is a Biggie phrase; “Sky’s the limit”. I left the remainder of the footage after the jump.

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Video: What Women Want – Kain Carter

I don’t own this but it’s funny as fuck! Enjoy.

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Video: “Chocolate Drop” – Kevin Hart

This is so so so so so funny. If you don’t like it your humor is very different from mine. Kevin Hart isn’t the next great black comedian but by George he’s the closest one.

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I got this African Chick…

I got this African chick with Eddie Murphy on her skull
She like, “Jigga Man, why you treat me like animal?”
I’m like excuse me umfufu, but when I met your ass
you was dead broke and naked, and now you want half

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Bitchassness Outbreak Is Spreading

As we over at PMD are busy setting up for the GREATEST summer ever, we shall leave you with this video to bring awareness to the Bitchassness epidemic sweeping the nation. Like Diddy said, May 1st starts National No Bitchassness Awareness Month. If you know someone infected with this disease, our boy Phever will gladly air them out in his new segment. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

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Brian Pumper Disses Rick Ross Video


Via my Smarten Up Fam

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Rasta Man – Ras Trent

I literally almost pissed on myself & choked from laughter when I saw this on SNL this Saturday. Why this dude isn’t in more movies is just crazy to me. Watch as my man Andy Samberg transforms into Ras Trent to make a chune for all the Rasta man dem. RASTAFARIANISM!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

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Video: Kill The Messenger – Chris Rock

As we get nearer to the most important election day of OUR generation & the tenseness of life creeps up on us, I give you this comedic jewel to relieve you from your stress-filled days. He hits a lot of points that we need to pick up on, especially when it comes to this election. Laugh it out my dukes & relax before you go back to your regularly scheduled program (also known as your life).

*Editor’s Note* Not suitable to be watched at high volumes while at work.

Parts 2-8 after the jump

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