Mighta Missed Monday: Ev4n Holt

A change in formats today. I’ll hit you with something new and you can go to Mr.Holt’s bandcamp and hear his catalog. You’ll have to do some independent research today!

Evan Holt is a 20 year old MC born in Columbia, South Carolina who was raised in San Diego,California from age four to fourteen. Evan started rapping in High School while he was living in Louisiana and was heavily influenced by Kanye’s graduation and Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. He worked with others from his high school in his first group effort named “The Dream Team”. His first solo project was “Pre-Im Killing yall”. After moving to Atlanta in 2008 , he dropped an EP called “Thanks Dilla”, a tribute to J Dilla and his works. His third release was named “ Uphill Battle” was released July 2010 amd followed by “1.5” his most recent EP in May 2011. Evan’s new project will be named “Lone Star State” and is produced by Dallas, an up and coming producer from Atlanta coming in Fall 2011. Evan has worked with artists such as Trackslayerz, Remy Banks, B. Corder and Brandun Deshay. The song “ Sky Scrapers” is produced by B. Cordero.

Shouts to @PGsfinest301 it warms my heart to see young blacks getting money. It makes me proud when they are doing it legally.

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