“She Will” – Lil Wayne feat. Drake

The hottest tandem in rap is arguably Jay-Z and Kanye West right now, Watch the Throne, but the hottest person is without a question Drake. With “Marvin’s Room” , “Headlines”, “I’m on One” and now “She Will” Drake is making everyone tuck their summer in. Radio is running his tracks at 120+ spins per day and he still has to release 2 more singles for ‘Take Care’. I wouldn’t want to drop on October 24th; Drake is taking all those dollars, *Jay-Z “Otis” smile*.

Weezy’s not too far back from Drake’s pace though. This will be his 3rd single on radio. No matter what Urban America thinks, “How to Love” is winning on top 40. YMCMB is crossing the road, with or without you. They see you looking with your looking ass n*gga!

Carter IV – 8.29.11

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One Response to ““She Will” – Lil Wayne feat. Drake”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    August 13th, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    I’m a old head in this rap listening business and the biggest JAY-Z advocate alive, but even I recognize that rappers (creatively) peak in their mid to late twenties. Loving the KANYE & JAY team but DRAKE & WAYNE are easily the best tandem in rap today. Have they made anything together that wasn’t hot? This ones no different.

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